Diving in!

I just realized I never did my weekly update for undersized urbanite.  I will put that up tomorrow. I just wanted to share what I did last night….


I changed the colour of the window seat. Tied back the curtians. Glued down the carpet and half wall. Added the trim to the bottom of the bookcase (which I now see is crooked…). Filled the last bookshelf with books..

I didn’t give up on the plants though! I made thrm using gkue and left over foliage from landscaping. I am super happy with the result, but decided not to keep them on the shelf where they wont be very visible.


I did some touching up with the paint around the front door…..and that’s about it! I felt like I should have accomplished more considering how late I stayed awake (1 a.m.). I was very distracted by my background noise,  which was the award winning movie, based on a book, “Life of Pi”. I was urged by a peer in high school to read the book and regret not picking it up because it really is a beautiful story. The movie was very touching and im sure the book would be even better! I highly recommend watching it if you havent already.  🙂 

I managed to get a few yhings off my giant list and also added two more, when I did the math, I now need ro do about 1.3 things per night to finish on time. The problem is….today I put on fresh sheets and oh my goodness you wouldn’t believe how it is calling for me! :/

I will do two straigutforward and simpke things tonight. Glue the trim onto the half wall, and …….nothing else seems light enough of a commitment, so that might be it. But you never know!  Sometimes I get started and have a hard time stopping! (Although tonight I really do think my sleepiness will take over…).

I need to get a move on though!  Only 39 days left! In my ideal world I will be done a few dayd in sdvance so I can take pictures and whatnot and not feel rushed….I’ll let you know how that goes! 

See you tomorrow,



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  1. It’s looking great – what a job filling the bookcase with all those books! Sandie

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