Undersized urbanite — Working on the living room

I know I’ve been acting as though the undersized urbanite doesn’t exisit! To be completely honest, I kind of burned out at the beginning of thr week. I felt like I couldn’t handle any grass or landscaping any more after working on it so many days in a row. This is the number one reason I love building dollhouses, you can easily switch through many different “types” of crafting in one project.

Not wanting to get too far ahead of myself working on another room, I decided to turn my focus back to the living room I had already started on. I figure this method will work to my advantage if I don’t end up completing all the rooms on time. 🙂

I trimmed the window, which ended up being pointless. My thinking at first was that since the bookcase opening around the window made the uneven trim visible,  I could just trim it off and no one would notice….not thinking that minutes later I would be adding curtians which would actually make the trim not visible. :/

I added fabric to the window seat in the bookcase, curtians and a valence.  I made a few throw pillows but I want to change them, or at least add more in another colour,  because they werent the shade I thought they were! (I thought it matched the bench, but is orange not coral.)

I didn’t take many WIP pictures. I figure if anyone needs (or wants) to know how I did anything, they can just ask and I’ll do a tutorial? But all my methods are pretty straight forward and common info that you could find by googling. 🙂

Here is the eye candy!  Let me know what you think! I love most of it, but the pillows, as mentioned, and also the valence? Im not sure it looks right? The colour might be too off for me? (Its a peice of ribbon trim by the way).






Hope you are having a nice evening! 🙂



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