Takin’ care of business

And workin’ overtime.

I’m sure I’ll regret how late I stayed up last night when this afternoon hits, it was almost 3 when I finally hit the pillow :/ but with only 36 days left, I can’t waste time! That date, by the way, is for May 4th and I’m pretty sure the contest doesn’t close until the 8th. BUT who’s counting? Lol. Not me clearly.

Tuesday night, as I predicted, I went to bed almost right away, after oversharing memes and links on Facebook. Wednesday night, or tonight, I started making a bench for the front entry. My inspiration came from this picture


Photo from: http://simplykierste.com/2012/10/front-entry-bench.html/bench-front-title

When I started to make it I forgot that it had baskets and I actually made separate compartments…


I painted it a waem white because I didn’t want it to be lost against the white panelled walls.


I painted florist wire black and made hooks, and voila!



I feel like there is too little spa e between the half wall and bench. I think I might try to rip it up and move it in against the bookcase. I also finished up and attached the front door. I glued my tiny handle and a tiny knocker.


Then I sat thinking…I’m still moving slow! I need to get a night in where I gwt more off of my list! This night I crossed off 7 things…but I’ve easily added that many back. So I’m pretty much standing still. :/

Thankfully, I have Gord home for the long weekend, so maybe I can score some extra dollhouse time. He’s feeling my stress of worrying I might not complete, so I’m sure he’ll be willing to work with me. šŸ˜‰

Hope everyine is having a great (or should I say Good) Friday! And happy Easter to those who celebrate. šŸ™‚



One comment

  1. I love that unit – what a great feature for the entrance. Sandie

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