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Busy bag!

The other night, I was going through my D.I.Y kids toys pinterest board, when I found a link to this “busy bag round up”. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the busy bags, they are a portable games or activities for kids that are easily stored in…bags! (Or boxes). I was very inspired […]

A Doodle A Day

It’s been quiet around here for a few days (THANK GOODNESS), compared to the few previous weeks. The past month and a half have been almost a complete write off, as my health and condo renovations have taken over. I have yet to make it  through without a day without anxiety, I believe its starting […]

Cleaning up the craft room

^^^^^^ the above mentioned is no fun. Last night while I was waiting on my umpteenth load of laundry, I wanted to do a little mini-ing. However, upon entering my craft room a bomb site (that had somehow happened when I didn’t notice), I realized that I would not be making any mini’s, lol. This […]

Back to school!

I am not a fan of giving my posts tiles. I always struggle…usually adding it in at the end after writing my post. This is how I also write my essay’s while in school. I do all my research, form my arguments and then write a thesis. Since I’ve brought up the subject, now might […]