My Undersized Urbanite 2014 entry

Finally had an opportunity to bring our the creatology house in its current state to take my “before” pictures for the Undersized Urbanite contest. Here it is!!

The exterior;


And interior;


As you can (maybe) see, it still needs a lot of work. I made these little diagrams to show you (vaguely) my plans for the next 7-8 months;



Did you catch all that? LOL. Still a lot of work!

One thing that has been holding me back is the brickwork. I had originally thought I would cut egg carton bricks, but I now think that would be too time consuming… as I have only managed to get this many cut;


And one of those bricks, covers this much space;


so I keep avoiding the project, because it overwhelms me before I even get started. Then last night, when I rememered there are other ways to do brickwork, like using clay? And I’m sure other things! I’m going to do some test work with some air dry clay, drywall compound and leveling concrete (the latter two materials we have around from renovations), I’ll see what one will be “easiest” and go from there. 🙂

As you may have noticed, I did finish the front door before I proceeded with anything else.


Now that the door is in, the trim can go around on exterior and then the brick work can start. The interior was being held up waiting for this part to be installed (so trim and wallpaper can go on smoothly), so it was logical first step to complete. The knocker and handle are handmade from clay.


I also stumbed upon appropriate sized inhabitants;


They are fisher price sweet streets people. I’m not sure what scale they are but they fit nicely in the house unlike Polly. I don’t intend to use them in my final photographs, but they will help me build furniture to my unknown scale, and keep me company along the way 🙂

Now that I have this up I can finally enter my “before” picture on the contest website.


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