Doodle (an Index card) a day update

Hello again!

Just wanted to update you on my index.card a day challenge(s).

For my “memory” cards I changed the idea a bit. Instead of writing what we did that day (which at times can be mundane, like today, where we did laundry and general tidying), I decided to write 3 things which I am grateful for having in my life. Simple. Sweet. I also bought a palm sized (SUPER CUTE) owl notebook to track it in…


The best part is my index cards fit nicely so I can put it all together in one book. Here is Day 1;


I had index cards on my list for the dollar store today, but I naturally forgot my list, lol. Thankfully I had a few stragglers around the house. My first card it isn’t impressive. I rushed it on Saturday morning. The previous night I wasted too much time doodling ideas in my sketchbook, lol.


The second card;


I’m enjoying myself thus far, even though I already feel like I’m running out of ideas…however new ideas and inspiration come with each new day! I’m still waiting for today’s…. 😉


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