A Doodle A Day

It’s been quiet around here for a few days (THANK GOODNESS), compared to the few previous weeks. The past month and a half have been almost a complete write off, as my health and condo renovations have taken over. I have yet to make it  through without a day without anxiety, I believe its starting to take a toll on my overall system as well. And yes, of course I want to go to the doctor, but I normally don’t think about calling him and booking and appointment until I am either having a panic attack, (during which I definitely don’t have the willpower to make a phone call), or discussing the whole situation, as I am now.

I also am avoiding that situation because I don’t want to end up on prescription medications. Although my doctor does work in a practice that offers homeopathic remedies before pharmaceutical (you even have to sign a waiver saying you agree to this when you become his patient), so that excuse is lame. … lol. The real reason I haven’t called is probably because I’m a control freak, and admitting I have horrid anxiety,is admitting I have lost control…
That’s ok though. Everyone does this at some point. Loose control of life….right? Lol and The first step to getting better is admitting it. No? 😉

To help myself get better, I have been upping my raw food intake to get as many vitamins ans minerals as I can, as anxiety can be known to stem from many types of deficiencies. I have been listening to my body. When its tired. I sleep. When it asks me to slow down. I do. I also have been getting back into drawing, mainly doodles (and some zentagles – which i always called dodles, lol). Drawing was my first love I had for art. That started back when I was a child. I find ot very relaxing and therapeutic. It calms my mind and body when I start feeling like I might panic.

I went through different drawing phases when I was younger. The earliest I can recall spending hours (and lots of paper) on were architectural floor plans, which I drew with my Mr. Sketch scented markers. I would design full hotels, 20 stories high, and draw a plan for every single level. I had file folders FULL of these drawings. Another phase was cartoons. Where I had some “learn to draw cartoon” books that I spent a lot of time reading and practicing from. I remember drawing character’s for everyone I knew. I still have some today. I don’t remember doing much art through the senior grades of elementary school, but in high school,  I started doodling up a storm! I would cover notebooks in geometric patterns doodles, lettering,  anything to pass the time and fill the paper. 

I blame University for my creative bunk time. I never applied for Fine Arts like I would have liked to (for photography or Art) because I was intimidated about creating a portfolio and having an interviews with schools.  Plus, I’m sure more than one person told me “artists don’t make money” or that’s “what everyone would want to do if they could” (meaning no one can because its a worthless talent — NOT TRUE – but I know people think/say it and that I’ve personally heard it).

Anyways, I don’t know where I am going with this, just wanted to give some background information before I jump into this; 



Doodle challenge!  I know I already have a challenge underway, but that challenge was to get things finished I had planned to start, and an art journal was one of those things. I started drawing in a sketchbook nightly and have been having so much fun with it, that when I stumbled across another blog doing this, I knew I had to join in the fun! An index card is small enough too that I won’t get carried away and spend tooooooo much time doodling, as I did with this recent doodle;




Coloured doodle

…Which took about 2 hours to do the outline for, and 1 hour to colour. :/ The quote reads, “One of the simplest ways to stay Happy is to let go of all the things that make you sad”.

So anyways, one index card, per day, with a doodle. I’ll be posting the pictures here as often as I remember. 

While I am on that challenge too? I would like to do something else index card related that I have been wanting to do. An index journal card a day, something simple, it’s simple, where I have one card for every day of the year, and I write on each day something small (one or two lines) about what we did. Use same cards for the next year and you can see what you were doing one year prior on that date.

But now that ive been thinking about it more, I actually would like to make my cards be for one year only, say what we did, and have a quote from each of the kids. Sounds more memorable. 🙂

todays card will read — begged children to go do laundry, while tackling a list of 15 chores — not exactly memories I was hoping to capture, lol,.but reality none the less 😉


  1. Virginia Young · · Reply

    My dear Rebecca I will take your advice….albeit I am at the other end of the age scale…a card a day sounds like a good idea…..I can totally relate with the place you find yourself in…been there and done that..so to speak….I made voices thru my life….but believe me try to relax and enjoy this time of your life..do not fret…..it will get better…you are a great mother and someday when you see your children all grown up….and you will be proud of hat you have accomplished…. Keep on drawing…I was always impressed with your artistic kills…do it while you can…focus on that… How about a night school art course?

    Sent from my iPad

  2. Virginia Young · · Reply

    I didn’t mean to hit send yet…so here is the rest of my story. LOL! I love your doodling! Keep up with the good ideas…I love to hear your thoughts and here I am a quarter of a world away and still beside you all the way….take my love…I am always here for you…as I have always been….you are my special child….be strong….and keep doodling…. Love Grammie

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Rebecca, I too would have loved to follow my art but it just wasn’t possible when I was young. So I am really proud of you to take on this doodle a day – encourage and develop your skills, or they wither. The idea of an index card a day is a great one too. It will be wonderful to look back on each day and see what you were doing. Some days will be less interesting but on other days you will capture a gem that would have been forgotten if you hadn’t recorded it, especially with young children and the busy-ness that comes with a young family. Blessings, Sandie

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