Finishing Things Week #5: My health.

As I explained the other day, I had an unexpected visit to the hospital, so I have spent much of my time trying not to overwork myself.

On the nights I did manage to stay awake after the children slept, I took some pictures for some thrifted treasures I haven’t shared yet, from my recent haul I briefly shared the other day. Finally having a chance to “play” with my toys, is the ultimate relaxation (next to a hot shower or sleep). Don’t get me wrong I love building dollhouse’s (and doing a lot of other things, lol) but it can get overwhelming and frustrating at times. The toys are already made, ready to be enjoyed, not stress inducing, so they will be useful during my “recovery” time.

I also have been working on my items to send for the swap, which I hope to finish tonight and send tomorrow!

That’s really all!! The week has gone by fast, (although I did only get out of hospital Wednesday afternoon — so Thursday to Monday is a short week). Hopefully the next week will be more productive, without overdoing it of course. 😉


Spongebob has the right idea 🙂

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  1. Dianne & Jack · · Reply

    So glad you’ve moved yourself up your priority list a bit, and are trying to take care of yourself. Some relaxing R&R is good for you. Don’t feel guilty! Look at it this way….a healthy Mama is a gift to your whole family. Heaps of Hugs, Grandma D. & Gramps

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