R.I.P. LPS Blythe: The day Hasbro stole my heart

The other day, when I was looking at my blog stats, I was super confused when I read a search hit came from the words “why did lps change blythe”.

Why would someone search the web about blythe changing? ……Did she used to be different? Or is she about to change? ….?!?!?!?

A quick google search myself didn’t turn up anything in particular….but when I went to Hasbro’s site to look at their new releases, I was SUPER disappointed to see this;




Well it is. Its blythe from the new Littlest Pet Shop television series….if you’ve seen that (I have a 3.5 year old daughter ok, lol)

I guess previous big head kenner inspired blythe was too much? I personally loved her little face. When I went to toys’ r’ us last week, I was disappointed to see that they have already stopped releasing the LPS Petite Blythe I know and love. I picked up the last one I saw, who has been on shelves for at least a year now. She was on sale 30% off…and knowing she’ll likely be the last I purchase like this brand new, I may leave her in the box? I’m not sure. I don’t do much with them out of the box at this point, so for now she will stay in her perfect little doll box scene.

I am partial to the new blythe. She appears to have similar clothes to Polly, which would be nice, especially for children, and people like myself, lol, to have them somewhat interchangeable. But the problem is that it isn’t the blythe I originally fell in love with…..


Not sure what else to say about that…LOL. Except now I will be even more excited when I stumble upon these little beauties on my thrifting trips, as they will be rare now.

R.I.P. littlest pet shop blythe. We loved you while you were here!

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