Finishing Things: Week #4: Bunch O’ Random

I feel like I accomplished quite a bit this week! I think I do every week, we all accomplish a lot every week/day, if we believe it or not, it’s just a matter of taking the time to reflect upon it and mentally reward yourself for your hard work.

Here is what I accomplished;

1. I finished blogging 21 draft posts.
I had hanging out on my WordPress dashboard. Yes 21 draft posts lol. Why? Because my mind just keeps on going and my collection keeps on growing and the only comfortable place for me to share is here, on maaaa bloggity blog.

Some of these posts you may have already read; Introducing Mama’s Mini’s Instagram. The beginning of my Memory quilt and Real Dollhouse Miniature flowers

Others are scheduled for upcoming days and weeks and have provided me a nice break from worrying about getting anything up for any of my loyal following to read. 😉

2. I listed over 20 items on eBay, I still have a tonne more too! I keep buying stuff with the intention to sell, and also made all of the miniature flowers with the intention to sell, so I finally took to set up “shop” . I have been selling on eBay for almost a year, but just a few listings here and a listing there. At points I was loosing money, especially with shipping, so I finally found an easy system that works for me for recording my costs. I did the research regarding shipping I should have done prior to listing, so now I shouldn’t have any problems!

3. I also started the process of creating a business card to hand out around town. On Thursday, while in line at the thrift store the woman in front of me made a comment that made me respond with “I sell toys online” — I also think in part I wanted to notify the cashier who helps me frequently (and I’ve been there every day? Sometimes twice a day, this week!), I wouldn’t want them thinking I’m some toy hoarder and I’m sure they often wonder why I’m there every. single. day. Lol. Anyways, the woman watched me cash out and then asked if I had a business card because she has a toys she wants to get rid of. She does the garage sale thing but not everything always sells and its time consuming, etc, so I gave her my number and told her to call me because I am definitely willing to take them from her hands! I want to make a business card so I can pass it out to people around town and actually try to start my own store.

Not too long ago, I was day dreaming about how awesome it would be to own some sort of Collectible toy/Dollhouse store on Main st. of our town (beautiful street with those types of specialty shops). When I brought the dream up with Gord, he was skeptical because he thinks I’d have a hard time letting go of things. Totally agree, but at the same time I don’t. Then I was listing a few random toys on eBay when it hit me….this is my store! It’s just online! I already have a tonne of stock, a close place to get more and I am familiar with the selling process on eBay. There are lots of collectors and I know the eBay market is good for that kind of thing. I’m not looking to be a millionaire, lol, just bring in some extra income for the family, (or at least break even for my own collecting habit). This also enables me to stay home and work at my own pace, which I am more comfortable with than leaving the house/kids and going to some office, etc.

4. Related to above accomplishments, “started” my own toy resale and consignment store!!! 🙂 After meeting the woman at the thrift store and creating a business card, I had an epiphany that I should reach out to more families like the one at the thrift store, who wanted to clean out their basements of toys, and then resell. I posted on a couple local Facebook groups saying I am a collector and that I also sell toys online, and I had 4 replies in one day! 2 of which are promising, 2 that weren’t, and one of which will likely be my first consignment sale experience.

For now I am going with the name Mama’s Toy Box as a business name, to tie in with the already established toy/miniature blog name. My plan is, after finishing with these first two clients (ooh! Feels so cool to say that!!!), I will pass out my card around town, local events, when I meet random people, etc to attain more stock and sales. I also would like to eventually set up a booth at either the weekend farmers market or just special holidays like Canada day (where our town holds a festival) to try and bring in more business and sales. This dream has been in the making for a loooong time, (didn’t everyone want to own a toy store when they were little?!), and I am thrilled it is finally coming together after a short series of events.

What do you think of Mama’s Toy Box (subtitle: Online toy resales ans consignment store) as a business name? Would you have any other suggestions?

Wish me luck on my next week’s endeavor’s! 🙂

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