Finding Inspiration for Summer Miniatures

Just wanted to share some of the resources that I am using to get inspiration for summer miniatures to send for the swap.

First, there is True2Scale, who sells adorable miniature paper house kits (look at the glitter and Halloween houses! SO CUTE!!). They collaborate a lists throughout the year that provide links to 50 or more  miniature tutorials which are related to a particular holiday or  season, unfortunately, there is no summer, which is the theme of this swap, so I have been reading the “100 miniature spring tutorials”.  Also available from True2Scale are “100 miniature Christmas tutorials“, “50 miniature Valentines tutorials“, great resources for you to bookmark or “Pin” for later! 🙂

Another resource I have been using is the Artisans in Miniature magazine, which is available for free, here on scribd. I am not sure if it is monthly or not, but it is published often. It has a nice archive of magazines you can read. There are free tutorials and a tonne of inspiration! This is another site I would recommend bookmarking for your miniature hobby. 🙂

And of course, an obvious choice of inspiration, from looking at the dollhouse of my swap partner, Little Rabbit Miniatures! There are a few on her page, the one that stuck my eye the most is a gorgeous Mediterranean house, so I will likely send her things she can place in there. It seems most summer-y! (She also has a beautiful Manor you can read about here). I was very intrigued while reading her blog especially this post where she shares the video advertisement for the Mediterranean dollhouse kit she is working on! I only WISH we had these kind of commercials in Canada on TV so I could see them! (that is assuming it was TV commercial, and that I watch TV which I don’t — I’m more of a “get the whole series/season on DVD and watch it for 2 days straight” or Netflix kind of girl, lol)

The ideas I have whirling through my head are related to summer are;

– Kites

– Beaches

– Flip flops

– Sunscreen

– Gardens

– Bubbles

– Sea Shells

– Popsicles and Freezies


I think that’s it. lol. A lot of this stuff sound super fun, so I may try to make it all (if I can find the time!)



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