6 Month review of my 2013 goals

The year was half over.


It’s true. When I wrote the other day about the swap I will be participating in, I had to dig deep into the archives to find my happy new year post with a list of the goals I made. 6 months deep. When I reread the list, I laughed a little inside at how little out of that I have accomplished. I blame my motivating crowd (ahem, that would be all of you according to my written words. Lol, just kidding of course).

I am now going to review the goals and update you on my progress and maybe find some motivation to check them all off by the end of this year.

1. Be more organized

I have to say I have been more on top of this, for the most part. It was a pretty general statement. I was referring to all aspects of life. The house, my projects, daily life, etc. The house is especially organized, the past 6 months I have spent a lot of time in every room purging and rearranging in a way that makes up

2. By the end of the year, I’d like to be using our gym in our condo at least once a week.

I’ve been once this year. LOL. But, to be fair, when I go out with the kids I don’t have a car. I am walking, pushing a 30 lb toddler in a 25lb stroller with a 25 lb toddler on my back…oh, and we are in a valley, so any way that I try to walk from our house, is uphill. I’ve definitely been making up for this winter’s inactivity. 🙂

3. Sticking to my word. I’m a procrastinator, and I’m pretty sure I have ADD, so sometimes I say I’m going to do something and end up not. I most commonly refer to this as “getting sidetracked” which I usually blame on being “overwhelmed”. :) [this applies to my own personal to do lists. I am so aware of my habit that I have been known to write something like “e-mail _____” in my agenda book on a Tuesday, and immediately write, “e-mail _____ if haven’t already on Tuesday”, somewhere between Thursday and Saturday. Assuming already I will forget :) ]

For the most part, this has been better. I just did my taxes two days ago though, so let’s not use that as an example. LOL. Life is too busy sometimes, and it’s easy to get sidetracked into selfish endeavors like, showering, eating, sleeping and sitting down.

4. Keeping better documentation of our family life. I tried a family blog once, and it felt corny, but I might get back into it, at least weekly posts. Or even just posting pictures and random Nia quotes and other short notes. Looking back would be most rewarding — especially if I were to have it printed using blurb or some sort of photo book printing place. (Shutterfly, etc). So maybe I should start that like, tonight, LOL. :)

My personal IG is usally updated a few times a day, I have over 1400 pictures there, and hopefully one week I can sit down and make the blurb book I dream of making.

5. Eliminate credit card debt. My student loan will take more than a year, not to mention I plan on enrolling again in September — more on that on a later date :)

I’ve eliminated  1/5 of debt on each card. Sigh. I’m going to move this goal up to the end of the summer. It IS possible ans I WILL do it.

6. Join a mom and tots group and another for just me – I’d like “my” group to be the Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto, but I’ll settle for the local library knitting club if I have to! Just would like something out of the house that involves minimal costs.

No such thing has happened yet. I still want to. Time and lacking a vehicle makes this hard. Have you ever tried commuting by foot every where every day by foot, with two children? A trip yo the store for milk can take an hour away from your day. Add in meal times for everyone and nap for Makiao….the days are too short! And exhausting! I can only go so many km in one day. Lol. We did attend “Kids in the park” last week, a music show held by the town at the town square. It seems more for older children, Nia didn’t fancy it too much, so we ended up walking to the park instead. As for the “me” time..I haven’t found a club or group, however I have been taking trips to the grocery store and etc after gord is home and leaving the kids to play with him. This has been relaxing, in the sense that I dont have children to mind as I do othet things, but still not quite what I had in mind. I wanted something more to help identify me and not me as a mother. You know what I mean? I guess there is always here, my blog, that’s alllll me, however doesn’t get me out of the house and has to be done at random times like putting Kaio diwn for nap (he is still nursing so I just blab away on my phone as he dozes off), or late at night when everyone is asleep. As boring as it may sound to some, it might be all I need really. A place to ramble and share my projects (lets face it, there won’t be many sociao groups who would accept me to come and talk about myself for pages like all of you do. ;))

7. Finish the Orchid dollhouse by the end of th e year. I ordered and received the kit in March? Of 2012. I really didn’t think it would be longer than 3 months before I finished it. HA! I also thought it would be something Gord and I would work on together. DOUBLE HA! [To be fair, when I first started this dollhouse thing, he was in between projects of his own, and since he also finds building miniatures to be an amazing art, he started to make some kitchen pieces. That work came to a hault when he decided to build a custom PlayStation 3. Hopefully finishing my kitchen pieces are on his list of 2013 projects ;) ]

TRIPLE HA! Ha…ha ha…ha. -_-
I currently don’t even have anywhere to store the Orchid, so it is still at my MILs. Gord was trying to get some shelves up in our workroom, however because the wall inside is surrounded by the concrete stairwell of our building. …we can’t get any drywall plugs through. This is so saddening because shelves would have really helped the situation of chaos back there. We even considered putting old kitchen cabinets back there with a counter soace, but that wouldn’t be possible , I don’t think, because of the concrete issue…who knows. Gord is the carpenter (literally works for carpenters union building formwork for concrete structures – he is currently working on the Toronto subway expansion) so I’m leaving it to him. We also want to talk to our building superintendent about what is possible back there ans if anyone has hing shelves there and how. Lol. Anyways, until that is sortsorted out….no orchid here. I am not getting my hopes up on accomplishing this goal.

8. Finish the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse contest. This is a work in progress. But I definitely don’t want to give up since I have already handed myself over!!

DONE! WOOT! You can see my submission here, and see all my posts regarding the contest here.

9. Spring fling 2013. I don’t want to add another project, but watching last years entries and sneek peeks made me want to participate this year. Since one of my resolutions is also to stick to my word. I would like to start by sticking to my word fron last year about entering this contest. ;)

Sooooo, yea. That’s not happening….lol. too many projects on the go, not enough time or energy. FAIL.

10. Finishing other unfinished projects; this includes, but is not limited to (in case I find more along the way!)

Well I have started my weekly “finishing things” challenge, which has been motivating and somewhat helpful.

– My roombox needs to be finished up, curtians, etc.

I added curtians. They still need tiebacks. The roombox is full of all the other miniatures I have acquired lately. It’s becoming overwhelming. I need to do another clean sweep and put some of these items (which are intended for the Orchid) away in boxes. I’m not sure what my plans are for “finishing it” as it is pretty finished considering I usually like to empty it to use to photograph minis.

– 1:48 scale cozy cottage

I haven’t touched this in soooooo long. I hope to complete it. It needs minimal work. I would have thrown it out, but It has LED lights made by Gord that won’t come out, so instead I’m going to finisg it and cherish it lol

– all the random unfinished furniture for the Orchid.

I don’t see the point in this without the Orchid. How about we take that off rhe liast and add;

– finish creatology house

This will most likely be possible if I keep motivated and don’t atart any new projects! Without the orchid to worry about, this might be possible!

The last thing I wrote in my new years post was; Well there is a nice even number of 10 goals for the year! Now I have this blog and you to keep me motivated!! :) :).

Thanks for sticking by me through my projects! My visitors and commentors are my driving force! 🙂

Now keep me going for another 6 moths and let’s get more of this list checked off!! 🙂

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