When you finally admit you are a toy collector

The time has come. There is no more hiding from the truth, (which I’m sure many of you already know)….

I love toys!

I love collecting toys and playing with toys (and yes I am a full grown adult). Lately it’s been escalating….sometimes Gord rolls his eyes when I bring a new one home, however he mostly enjoys it though. I told him it’s better that I buy (for the most part) cheap second hand toys, rather than say, expensive handbags or shoes, clothes or makeup, manicures and pedicures, hair-dos, like some other women might.

The toys may be slightly different than the before mentioned things because it involves collecting and therefore storing..(well I suppose the others are too, or else walk-in closets never would have been created!!). It is different, because in a sense it’s almost like investing (if you are buying the right things), as most toys hold their value over time, and in some rare examples even increase. There will always be crazy toy collectors like myself! If I spent my money on one of the other before mentioned “hobbies” or ways of relaxing, like the salon, for example, the after effect wouldn’t last long after returning home to motherhood, lol (have you ever painted your nails and then washed dishes for an hour straight and then given two kids a bath? That nail polish will not last long!) Same with clothes, which will get stained likely, or worn out, and the same for shoes, etc.

There is some of my justification, lol. I don’t plan on stopping my toy playing collecting hobby either because it really fun. I do go through weeks/months were I buy more than others, which can seem overwhelming, especially to Gord.:p

Why else do I love toys? Besides some classic vintage ones being an investment (of sorts).

Well, for pretty much the reason they were made, to play with, lol, sounds weird doesn’t it? A 26 year old women “playing”…with toys….., lol (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it though!).

See, this all started when one day, I was on Pinterest and I saw this beautiful picture of a conservatory house. I clicked on it only to discover it was “miniature”, (the link on my Pinterest board is dead now) and showed pictures from NAME 2008. This concept of miniatures delighted me like nothing else. The thought of making miniatures inspired and challenged my creativity. I then discovered I could buy a kit and make my own miniature house, which is when I ordered the Orchid. Upon receiving my kit, I discovered the Greenleaf community. Which I will forever be thankful for as it introduced me to many other people who were as crazy about miniatures as I am!

Through time and more searching, I was exposed to the idea of an actual doll in my dollhouse. After which I soon found Lina. Lina reintroduced me to dolls and especially poseable and ball jointed or articulated dolls. However, because she is breakable, expensive and not easy to pose, I always had a want for another one who wasn’t all of these things, lol. I then luckily found my own non-breakable inexpensive doll, with glass like eyes, (much unlike Barbie’s painted ones), this was LIV doll Daniela. However, you may remember that this one was accidentally gifted to Nia, as this was at the beginning of my toy collecting, so I gad yet to explain to Gord that the doll meant for little girls was not for our daughter. I spent time searching local stores only to find two more LIV dolls who weren’t as articulated as the first (one didn’t sit or have bendable knees, the other lacks ankle joint and flat feet).

Then one day, I found the blog Smidge house, she had written this post about her thrift store doll haul totally inspired me (she sadly has not blogged in a few months, and also closed down her etsy shop which is saddening because I loved everything about work! :(). I had been to thrift stores recently in search of miniatures or dollhouse kits ( as per suggestion and inspiration from above mentioned greenleaf forum, and without any luck until I scored that Duracraft Lafayette kit, recently, and a few other dollhouse appropriate goodies that I have mentioned). Anyways, I ended up going myself to a thrift store, really in search of a new LIV doll, but finding many other nice and interesting dolls and doll clothes along the way. This is when I was reminded of and rekindled with my love for Barbie when I was little. I was able to find them in plentiful amounts inexpensively ($2.99 for a bag of 2 with clothes). I was also super inspired at the doll photography in dioramas that people do, people like above mentioned Smidge House, or one of the many others across the web (here is an example of doll photography on Flickr — where there is a lot of doll photography if you are interested) These pictures, made me want to start “playing” more with them — by redressing and photographing them.

This doll search and hobby dwindled for a few months while we were busy with moving. When we settled into our new house It was also at this time that I watched the amazing movie No Impact Man, where the idea of not buying anything new (except food) really hit me at home and I started scoping out the (very close) by thrift stores for things we needed (and wanted) to make our house feel like home, while also trying to lower our impact on the environment and save money.Along my way, naturally, I’ll check the toys! I started mostly by picking them up for the kids (they have the best Fisher Price Little People collection ever!!), before I saw No impact Man I did not buy second hand toys as much as I do now. The way he puts it just makes sense (no packaging, no tax –or less, divert unwanted toys from landfill, etc). Over time I started to notice that there were certain things that I caught my eye that I enjoyed as toys for myself that weren’t Barbie or LIV dolls (mosty action figures and poseable or non poseable plastic figures…so still dolls, just not as girly, lol). I guess also have the room to display the togs now helps as well, lol, which has made me bring a few more home).

I started posting pictures of my dollhouse a long time ago on my Instagram, but more so recently when I was competing in the Undersized Urbanite contest. I was getting “likes” from people whose names I wasn’t familiar with, when I went to see their profiles I was astounded, it was pure toy photography, all. kinds. of. toys.

This is where I kind of realized, …….ok, there are actually A LOT of people, healthy grown adults, male and female who like to collect toys to set them up and take pictures and post them to websites like Instagram (LOL), or take pictures of Barbies or collect dolls to redress and pose, or build miniatures just to look at…..this is all completely normal. This revelation, along with the fact that it just makes me oh so so schoolgirl happy has made me want to just come clean and tell you who I really am….

A toy collector, lol.

So, needless to say I’ve little bit more open to bringing home DA TOYS lately and I have an overwhelming urge to share them. Since this blog originated with dollhouses and miniatures, I always feel guilty sharing them here. However, now that I have had this long confessional post, I won’t feel weird at all. Because you know, I love toys and I am a toy collector. 🙂

I’m even considering renaming the blog to reflect this fact? so I can post more about toys. or, do toys already count as minis? Making it ok? Thoughts? Suggestions? I’ll be back to share some pictures of my toys soon!

Anyone else love toys like I do?


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