Summer Swap 2013

I might be crazy, but I decided to participate in a swap! 🙂

It is being hosted by, le Minis de Cockerina, the full list of participants and rules, etc can be found on her blog here. I will be sending a gift to Michelle from Little Rabbit Miniatures, and receiving a gift from Leia of Leia V. Miniatures. Still not sure what I will make, but it has to be 1:12 scale and related to the summer!

Since beginning miniatures over a year ago, I have witnessed a lot of swaps through blogland with jealousy. At the beginning of the year I set some goals, some of which were dollhouse related, one of which I thought was to participate in a swap, but actually wasn’t at all! Here are my miniature related goals for the year;




The good thing, I did finish #8, the Undersized Urbanite Contest and I am working towards finishing #10 which is working on the unfinished objects (UFO’s). The orchid? Not too hopeful on that project yet lol, and the Spring Fling??!! I’d be insane trying to order and start/complete that now right?….right?????? Lol I am not sure how I will feel abandoning this goal! Although I did participate in another contest, while not as big of one, maybe they could cancel each other out? Hmmmm. I think a 6 month review is due on this topic, LOL

I will keep you all posted on the outcome of the swap! I’m not allowed to post anything until after Cockerina, so it will likely be a while before you hear about it again!



One comment

  1. Ufo’s…u come by those easily…I passed them on in the gene pool! LOL! I am sure u have a long way to catch up with me…and just when u think u are caught up u will inherit mine…Hugs, G’ma

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