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We have been hearing about it around the blogsphere for a few months now, sadly, Google Reader was put to rest on July 1st. This is very sad, especially for me, because Google Reader was the way I kept up with all of your blogs (or tried to at least!). There are a few alternatives that can be used. I’m not sure how they will compare. I personally will only find one that has an app that can be used on my phone as well. Google reader did have a phone/tablet app and it made it so easy to read and stay caught up with all my blogs while I was on the go throughout the day. All I can remember at this time is Bloglovin’.  I added a button on the right column so you can add me to your lists. I will have to go back and re-read other posts about what other services you can use, and report back, lol.  You probably already know anyways, as with everything else, I am wayyyyy late on sharing this information, in true Rebecca nature 😉

You’ll be seeing a lot more of me around here the next few days as I get to finishing things on the blog. I have a few posts I was trying to get up on Sunday (finishing things post #2) and yesterday, but my phone was giving me issues uploading my pictures to my computer, then wouldn’t even let me open my picture gallery until I removed pictures….but I couldn’t remove pictures because my USB cord is wonky, lol. I finally rememerd that Samsung is similar to Apple in the sense that it has a program called Kies which works over wifi, much like iCloud does. Apparently, as long as my computer and phone are on the same wifi network, my phone automatically uploads my computer right onto my harddrive…!!!! AMAZING! In the past when I had isses like this, or wanted to save myself time by having my phone upload the pictures for me, it was sent to my Dropbox. However, with this option, I still had to download the pictures to my computer, so I really didn’t save any time, and just used more internet data than necessary, lol. Anyways, upon realizing I wouldn’t loose all the pictures that were saved to my phone memory, thanks to the wonderful Kies (Interesting name by the way, like a cross between Skies and Kite? Maybe? lol), I did a factory reset and my phone is back to normal!

Today I am going to catch up and fire out all the posts that were supposed to happen over the past 2 days, so if you are adding me to Bloglovin’, (which I hope you do!!!) then I am sorry for clogging up your feed this afternoon/evening (or morning depending on where you are, lol)



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