Finishing Things: Week #2: Creatology dollhouse stairs

First off, I must say I am getting reaalllllllly tired of referring to this house as the “Creatology” dollhouse. It isn’t even called a Creatology house anymore (the Micheals brand is now called ), and that name has no originality or personality, much unlike myself, lol
Anyways, this week I managed to finish the stairs for this house! They are even glued in, lol, that is big for a creative commitment-phobe like me!

Now for the reason I am here today, I finished the stairs as I planned and I am impressed at how they turned out.


My dollhouse stairs! The room, obviously still needs more work!


That hole at the back of the stairs will be covered eventually.

On a side note, while you have the back view of the stairs, Gord had suggested that a bookshelf might have been nice under the stairs here. Reasons why I didn’t think of that (and I am jealous I didn’t because it is a good idea, lol) were probably because; a) my Orchid has a bookshelf build under the stairs, b) this set of stairs was complicated enough as it was, so why compliate it more, and also, c)  as far as that part in the doorway to the room on the right? (that is where Gord said shelving would have looked nice) it will have trim on the edges, so I don’t think there will be enough room. Thoughts?

Anyways, back to the stairs, they are very crooked…lol, I knew this from the beginning, however, being lazy like I am, I didn’t want to try making them again, especially because it was such a tight space and the wall was awkward angle, making it an exhausting process. A one hundred three coats of paint later and it’s not very noticeable, from the side at least….lol;




Still not perfectly striaght…through the front door they look especially wonky;


I never noticed the toothpick on the stairs until now, when I see the picture up close on my computer — that is one reason why taking so many pictures of your dollhouse is a GOOD thing, because you will see tiny things you miss seeing up close with your own eyes.


Speaking of front door, I also fixed that in a way that in can open and close, which was impossible the way I had built it before;


It is painted white because I still haven’t decided on what colour the house will be, even though in my last post about this house, I was sure I had decided…lol

I also brought out the front entry wall more so that the stairs weren’t as squished. Here is how close they were to the front wall before;


This is without the bottom two stairs as well, which would have brought this staircase right into the wall and doorway!

2013-06-15 02.22.31

Not sure if you can tell from this point of view how tight of a space they were going to be in

and now;


Much better!!


This also changed the front appearance as well. Here it is before;


and after;

2013-06-22 01.15.17

I like it better now! Proof, yet again, everything happens for a reason!!! 😉

Because the stairs are glued in, I also taped down some wallpaper, as you can see in the pictures above it is a fairly dark grey.I would have preferred a lighter colour but I really want this house to be built from stuff on hand and not have to buy anything else. I have enough of this grey paper on hand.

As for this weeks project, I’m going to finish hanging the pictures I mentioned last week and also start working on the exterior of the dollhouse, and hopefully continue this nice pattern of finishing and finish at least one!!


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  1. Looks great so far! What a cool choice of a house. So glad you’re entering again! 🙂

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