Cleaning up the craft room: a finale?

I actually laughed out loud when I wrote “finale”. As most crafters probably know from experience, your craft room will never be clean. It’s kind of like laundry in a way…..

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Don't you just love those 12 seconds when all the laundry is done.

If it is clean, it probably stays that way for only a few hours or days before the next creative endeavour. And it’s hard to even call it “clean”. I like to refer to it as “organized chaos”, since you still see a lot of “stuff”. All of it has purpose though, I promise you. lol.

Anyhoo, for those who didn’t read my first post on cleaning the craft room, here is a before picture;


Just a huge pile of stuff. O_O

And here is what it looks like now for now;


you can tell I really need shelves, as my Undersized Urbanite submission is sitting on top of my sewing machine. lol


That artwork is Nia’s by the way. 🙂


Those wooden things are the shelves I would like put up this weekend, so I can further organize.


Wine cart to storage cart.

20130516_012702 20130516_012751

Organized chaos at it’s best? I suppose, lol.

I still need to go through a few more buckets and drawers and find some permanent homes for some things, but I’m happy I can see my floor and walk through the room (which is very small if you can’t tell from these pictures!). That cart you see above, was actually a wine cart/chopping board my neighbour gave to me at our old apartment. It has turned out great for storage, especially when I save my old Pringle’s tins, which I have filled with wooden craft sticks of various sizes, and placed on the wine holder grooves. The bottom shelf is flat, so its great for storing things, and the top is a nice work surface (which has grooves that are great for catching all sorts of things when working in 1:48 scale! :))

Now let’s see how long this will last. I have no “next project” in sight, so it might be a while! Maybe the clean work space will give me a clearer frame of mind. 🙂

I’ll let you all know what happens next!


One comment

  1. Gini Young · · Reply

    now would you like to do my quilting room…..Grandmother…like Granddaughter….same problem….fabric and boxes and things!!!! LOL! Nice tidy up job!
    Hugs, G’ma

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