1:12 scale stuff….and now what?

With the Undersized Urbanite contest finished, I’ve been eager to get back to working on all kinds of mini things. After a quick clean in the craft room the other night I haven’t done anything else, which I had hoped to do before returning to making any minis,   Lol.  Instead,  I turned my attention to Lina, who has been much neglected since I entered the UU contest.

When thinking about my birthday, which is coming up at the end of May, I was reminded that Lina was my gift last year from Gord. Which means her first birthday, (? So mature for her age) is right around the corner! Hard to believe. It feels like just yesterday I was anticipating her arrival.

This was even more of a reason to give her some attention. You may or may not remember when I bought her some Bratz clothes, and I ended up taking her out of her last outfit I had made for her;

Handmade 1:12 scale sweater for Lina with halter shirt.

Handmade 1:12 scale sweater for Lina with halter shirt.

None of those Bratz clothes were very exciting, except for the skirt, which had no suitable shirt. So she ended up sitting in this for the past few months;


Most random outfit? Possibly.

Not nice at all.  Poor Lina.

I got right to business last night and made her a dress from a linen embroidered shirt I had in my stash. The embroidery is from the sleeve cuff.


New dress and a hair brush makes all the difference! 🙂

I also brushed her wig a bit using my cat’s brush, lol, the only fine tooth metal comb I have. It seems much longer now.


Have I ever mentioned Lina doesn’t stand on her own? This picture took me about 10 minutes of fumbling, and one Lina-faceplant to accomplish. lol


Closer look at the embroidery detail. I think a belt of some sort needs to be added around the waist?

The thin linen fabric, surprisingly is too thick for Lina once I got down to sewing it together. But it does for now!

While I was in the 1:12 mood, I spent some time finishing up my roombox. It has gone through many changes, lol. The last time I worked on it, I was thinking I would make a white and cream room using he fireplace I had and the toparies I made. The window has been naked since day one, so last night I made some curtains.

I glued some lace fabric to a cream painted dowel;


The beginning of curtains.

and glued two gold beads to the ends;



A closer look at the bead. Out of focus picture, sorry.

(Sorry for the blurry picture). I wanted to paint the beads the same colour and the rod, but the plastic (obviously) would not keep acrylic paint. I only have white spray paint, which I think will result too bright of a curtain rod for the creamy curtians….it wasn’t until just now I realized I could possibly paint the rod gold? I think that be too much work at this point, so I’ll settle for the dual tone.
What’s funny is last night, the fact that it was two different colours had never occurred to me. But now I have got to wondering if this type of rod exists IRL….I have some serious finicky issues. Does it really even matter? lol -_-

Anyhoo, onto the curtains;


Before window.


After window.

Sidebar: You know what is ironic? At value village on Sunday, I found a miniature curtain pleader. But it was $9.99 and looked a lot like a rubber piece of corrugated cardboard, lol, so I left it behind figuring I could use the latter, which by the way, I did not for these curtains, just wanted them up fast! 🙂

After all that, I was too tired to keep creating, but I would like to make some tie backs for the curtains soon. So, I made a list of all these other things I wanted to do for the roombox, to finish it into the white and cream type room I had envisioned. However, when I was getting ready for bed I realized I didn’t like the idea of finishing it with too much more than a window treatment, because I like to use the room as something blank and in scale to take pictures of my miniatures.

So….now what? Lol. What am I to put my miniature.creative energy in to?

The Orchid is still stored at my MILs. Until Handyman Gord puts up some shelves for me in the craft room, I don’t have any space to store it at the moment. So I obviously can’t work on that. I considered building some 1″ kits I have around, but that’s pointless too, as they would have no home.

I have another 1/4″ kit, by ANI, but I used the front door for the Undersized Urbanite contest,  so that would involve a trip to MBS and blah blah. Not feeling it just yet…

There is the cozy cottage I never finished…..

*whistles* I am actually looking around my living room as if something is going to give me inspiration to build. I guess it’s time for me to head back to the Greenleaf miniature galleries, and Pinterest! Always lots of dollhouse inspiration to be found there 😀

That is what I will have to do because none of the above sounds right! I can’t decide on anything! It feels so weird to not have something I have to build. It can be anything I want! (Not that the Undersized Urbanite house wasn’t something I wanted to build, it just go tedious working on same project for sooooooooo long.)

You might be thinking, “But Rebecca, why would you be thinking up your next miniatures project when you have school to think about too?”. Well, to be honest. I dropped out. :p

Well, let me clear that up, I didn’t drop out. I have enough credits (actually more than I need) to graduate with my bachelors degree from the department of liberal arts and professional studies in Political Science. I was working towards my honours degree originally, and as I mentioned in my post about going back to school, I was going to add on a degree in Public Policy and Administration to make my degree more “valuable”. However, after finishing the Undersized Contest, and I was getting ready to go to school the next day, I sat back and realized my life has been WAY too busy the past few years.

In 2009, when I became pregnant with my daughter Nia, I was in my 3rd year of University and working, almost full time, in retail sales. When I had her, I put school on hold, and was on maternity leave. I went back to school part-time when she was 9 months, and back to work when she was a year. I continued working for only a few months, when I realized it was too much to do with school as well. Then, I returned to work in June of 2011, while still in school part-time, because we needed to bring in some additional income.  A day later, literally, I found out I was pregnant with my Son, and continued working and going to school (with intense morning sickness) until the day he was born (a month early). We spent 6 days in the NICU after he was born, which was hard on me emotionally, and I think added to my postpartum recovery time. We returned home, where I continued my school work and cared for both a newborn and my now 2-year-old daughter.

I finished classes that May of 2012, and then spent the next few months in a haze, building dollhouses I guess (because in March of 2012 is when I started blogging/bought the Orchid kit) and being exhausted having a young baby and toddler. Then in the fall, we started the process of buying our condo. Then moved in December 2012. Holidays, etc. Then I was intensely working on the Undersized Urbanite contest, alongside everything else…..Then the undersized urbanite contest ended, and I thought to myself….”Summer school? HA!”. I NEED A BREAK! A mental holiday, LOL. I guess I wasn’t doing much last summer, but I did have a baby who was 2-6 months and a toddler who DID NOT want to leave the house, or get dressed (all that has changed now!). So I am really looking forward to spending the summer just, living. 😀

I am not 100% sure what I will do, if I will return to school in September? I’m not sure yet. However, I will leave that all to another day, as I am sure I have bored you to death by now. 😛

Talk to you soon!!




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