Undersized Urbanite 2013 contest winners announced!

The winners have been announced. You can see the post at The Little Victorian blog.

I am not surprised at the outcome and knew these three ladies would place from the day I entered the contest.  Not only because they all produce amazing miniatures, but also because they are established within the miniatures community and all have a large following of enthusiastic miniaturists. They have a tonne of support, so with a contest based on reader votes, one could only assume this would be the result. And probably still would have been without that sort of system because as I previously said, they all produce amazing quality work. 🙂

Congratulations to the winners! And again a big thank you to everyone for your support throughout the contest! It was quite the ride!


One comment

  1. It was quite a ride for sure! 🙂 And I’m exhausted, a nap sounds so good right now. Still somehow, I can’t stop thinking of what I will make for next year’s contest, and the logistics of next year. I hope you’ll join again!

    Everyone did amazing work. I’m so impressed with all of you. The voting was actually a lot closer for everyone than I expected! It really was a tight race.

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