Cleaning up the craft room

^^^^^^ the above mentioned is no fun. Last night while I was waiting on my umpteenth load of laundry, I wanted to do a little mini-ing.

However, upon entering my craft room a bomb site (that had somehow happened when I didn’t notice), I realized that I would not be making any mini’s, lol.

This is what a real persons craft room looks after an intense contest like Undersized Urbanite;


Top view


Bottom view.

Did you gasp? No worries my friends.  Lol. I managed to get this far…




I added a shelf in the corner. Recently thrifted for $5. 🙂


Bottom. P.s. Like my stool? Vintage. Thrifted $6. 🙂

Not very far. Organized chaos at it’s worst-ish. When 2 a.m. hit and laundry was done, I was at a 20 hr day, and feeling very dizzy, so I hit the hay.

Now, today? MOTHER’S DAY!!!! ♥♥♥

And how is Mama’s Mini’s a.k.a Rebecca spending this beloved may day? Well not with breakfast in bed, and reading my book as I perhaps hoped, I’ll tell you that much. Lol…..  and so far this beautiful bike I fell in love with


My dreaaaaaaam bike. I can so see myself riding this to thefarmers market in the summer's ♥♥♥

It’s not here. Lol.

I was lucky enough to visit the hair salon yesterday to get a much needed haircut.


The salon. Loved the artwork!

I’ve had 2 in the past 3 years (life has been busy! Two babies, university degree, bought a house…. among other daily nonsense!). Here is an awkward embarrassing self portrait I tried taking on my way home;


I have determined I look so confused because I pretend to read my phone while taking these pictures in public to avoid awkward side glances. LOL

Bahaha. It’s not easy to do that kind of thing for me in a public place, especially while trying to walk, and my hair is so long you can’t even see the bottom! It wasthis long;


That’s long enough to get caught in ones pants when pulling them up if you wanted to know. Lol. (Not that i have done this or anything. ;)). It’s about 3.5 inches shorter now. The “after haircut” picture doesnt do it justice. Somehow it’s the only one I took before it was “mamafied”. Still nice to document it, since a haircut appears to be a rare occasion, lol. And you all get to see the face behind the words 🙂 if you haven’t already that is.
Anyways, back to today being mothers day. Gord had to take one for the team and go to work. I can’t complain because him working supports our family (and my miniatures and thrifting habits, lol). I hope that I can just spend a relaxing day with the babes, (unlikely, but one can hope, Lol), and I want to visit with my beautiful Mum if we can coordinate it.

Hope you are enjoying your mother’s day doing whatever it is that you do! 


Talk soon!



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  1. sage_brush · · Reply

    Rebecca – your hair is beautiful. I too have long hair, and my adult now trims it for me twice yearly (I do hers too.) My sewing room looked worse than your craft room, believe it or not! I’ve been chiseling away at it for several months – and I can finally say that the end is in sight. Praise God. Happy mother’s day to you, and I hope you able to see your mom.

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