Undersized Urbanite: Voting Postponed

Well, now today I’m sad. 😦 Yesterday I was frustrated because I thought I had misinterpreted the contest rules and was missing daily votes. It turns out I was interpreting the contest rules right, and it was supposed to only be one vote per day per household. However, somehow there is/was a glitch in the voting system and it wasn’t registering some computers, or something? I’m not 100% sure, and I’m sure Christina is stressing out more than anyone. She contacted the company in charge of the voting program and they are helping her to fix the problem. Voting may or may not resume this Sunday, followed by the original allotted 7 days for voting. This time, everyone will vote once and only once, not daily. You can read Christina’s post on her blog here. And you can still go drool over all the mini houses in the contest here. 🙂


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