A daily vote?

Well….I’m a little frustrated at the moment….

I went over to The Little Victorian site last night, purely by accident too because I just wanted the link for my last post. When I arrived on site, I was shocked to see that my votes under the houses no longer said “Already voted this” as it did the night I first voted..

I voted again, and then asked some friends to check it out, only to find they had three votes left as well…Which means, we all missed 4 days of voting. Or at least I did. I missed casting 4 votes for myself -_-

Either that, or somehow our computers and etc arent registering votes. Both situations are mildly frustrating me.

At the beginning of the contest I was under thr understanding that there was a daily vote,  but when I returned on Sunday to cast my vote I saw the contest rules again and read this…. 

“2. On Sunday, May 5th, you and anyone else who has access to a computer will be able to vote on their favorite mini creations. Each voter gets up to cast up to three votes (only one vote per dollhouse).”

I assumed that meant only 3 votes. Period. Not every day. 😦

That’s a lesson learned….in future contests I will try voting every day regardless of how I interpret the rules.

If you haven’t already make sure you go vote! And remember go back and vote again every day until Sunday! 🙂



  1. well…so much for getting it right! 🙂 I had understood the same thing!!! will go and vote again of course1 Although i think this daily voting is not the best procedure. I would prefer one vote and that’s it. Best greetings, Anne

    1. Thanks Anne! And I agree. I am a one vote kind of girl too! :))

  2. Darn…I’d also just assumed one vote meant one vote, so hadn’t gone back. It’s weird though because I just went back to the site after reading your post, and it said I’d already voted so wouldn’t let me vote again and I had only voted once that first day. I checked with Gramps and he hadn’t voted today, I don’t understand. One more puzzle for my list!! Grammie D.

  3. Ummm…that’s very odd. You interpreted it right. It should not be per day, it should be 3 votes per household. Period.

    There are a lot of oddities happening, and some people aren’t getting to vote at all. I surely will not be using the same voting service next year. I thought the voting patterns looked odd last night. Now I’m afraid I can’t really trust who the winners are.

    Sorry for the confusion. (The wording on the rules has not been changed one letter since the contest began.) Glad I saw your post in my reader or I wouldn’t have known. Feel free to contact me with issues like this. I have a lot riding on it myself, as in 6 months of work and my own money, so I REALLY want for it to be as fair as possible. 🙂

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