That was one HELLUVA weekend. O_O

I need vodka. LOL. and since I am not building a dollhouse anymore, I can. (to understand vodka reference, please see Why you shouldn’t drink alcohol and build a dollhouse post).

Anyhoooo…..SIX MONTHS? That’s crazy town. I can’t even believe how fast time goes! I suppose though, my time is well kept. Caring for the kiddlets during the day, building dollhouses and other rad stuff by night. Time fly’s when you are having fun! — ok wait, let’s stop there. Fun This contest? Not so much at times. Overall, YES. Very fun. Some days, I was pretty sure that the devil had created the contest as a way to lure me into the dark underworlds. Legit.

One thing that is deterring me from doing another contest is that I don’t really like to be committed to one project. I like to dabble here and there, make miniatures, maybe hang out with the calico critters one night, Lina the next, and then watch movies for the next three, then back to dollhouses or hey, maybe even Babies!

Anyways, with that said, I ended up hitting a wall about two weeks before the deadline. In a world where I wasn’t in a contest, I would have moved along to something else, but instead I spent those nights wasting effort building crappy things from clay or this oven (big fail). Then suddenly there were only 3 days left! And wouldn’t my luck have it that the children have some how fallen sick AGAIN and were up every 20 minutes crying for me. I’m not going to lie, I was in tears this night and the following day, as I had mentioned before I was feeling defeated, then this started right before the deadline and I was starting to wonder if the universe wanted me to give up.

Those three days leading up to the final seconds of the contest where what an old teacher called H-E-double hockey stick. I kept dropping things, not fun while working in quarter scale, because it can take hours or even days to relocate (or never, which was the case for the place mat setting I blew onto the ground with a simple sigh -_-). I broke some things…the secretary table and that cute little soap dispenser I made. 😦 In both of these sad cases, I have now come to realize, when working in quarter scale, it’s faster to make something new than to try to find or fix it.

Sunday, during crunch time, Nia had gone to Gord’s mums. My plan was to put Kaio down to sleep and then get finishing. However, Kaio wouldn’t sleep, and Nia ended up returning home earlier than expected because she wasn`t feeling well. So there I was, with the house on the kitchen table, trying to paint and glue the last bits and pieces….and oh yea, I was crying again. I wasn’t happy with everything, but it was as done as I was ever going to get it for the deadline, and that was what mattered most. I think what kept making me burst into tears (besides a sudden onset of lady hormones), was thinking that if I didn’t finish the contest, I pretty much wasted about 6 months of my life.

Finally being “done” I took everything to the balcony, set Kaio in his seat (with tray and straps to keep him away from the dollhouse and a freezie — or maybe 3– to keep him happy), and took pictures. Gord was working all day Sunday, and when he returned home he was greeted by a very panic-stricken me, who needed to edit and post pictures in a one and a half hour period of time. He was glad to help, and I quickly got to work, only to find out that most of the pictures I had taken in the sun earlier had turned out very off white balance and grainy and I really didn`t want to spend too much more time editing. Instead, I had Gord take the kids to the bath, and I caught the 7 pm light to shoot more pictures.

All seemed good in the hood, except then my pictures wouldn’t upload. Of course. My computer wouldn’t even recognize my phone. period. no pictures for me! Thank goodness I use dropbox though so when I take a picture from my phone or iPad it is automatically synced to a folder on my computer. Sweet. Life saver.

I started moving them into the appropriate folder on my computer to quickly edit and crop…only to have my computer die, because I had forgotten that it was not plugged in. -_-

So, I plugged it back in and waited an eternity for it to start-up again, all the while Kaio is screaming and pulling at my leg because he wants to nap (Just one more minute buddy!! Mommy is almost done!). At this same time, Nia wanted me to cuddle, (always happens doesn’t it, just when Mommy needs to finish something, everyone in the house suddenly neeeeeds her). I couldn’t believe the chaos that was surrounding me. I kept pushing through though because there was no WAY that I was NOT going to finish after all this time and dedication. I needed to prove to myself that I can finish and meet a deadline and feel good about my results. The first two I managed, the last, I’m still working on, but hearing all the positive feedback is definitely boosting my confidence!! 😀

It feels weird when I look at the house and my mind doesn’t start racing about what to do next. I have already been throwing ideas out to Gord for my next project. An idea which he probably laughs at. I was supposed to start school today. I played hookey already because the kids are still coughing like dogs and I needed a break from life. Now would be a great time for someone to remind me why I thought that it would be a good idea to go back? I’ll complain more about that another day….

I plan on sharing more details about the Undersized Urbanite house, (which still has no name, and desperately needs one!!) throughout the week. Hopefully I will finally get up my first Thrifted Thursday post as well. Then once the contest is officially over and the winners have been announced, I’m planning on moving back to work on some bigger scale items for now. Lina’s 1st birthday is coming up soon, and since I have been neglecting her A LOT while I have been working on the contest, I was hoping to spend some time with her, finishing up the roombox and perhaps making her a new dress. I am ashamed to even show her current state. She is dressed and seated in the roombox — but ohhh my, someone call Clinton and Stacey, because that girl does not know what to wear (and no one needs to know that it is in fact me who is responsible for her wardrobe choices ;))

So anyhoo, thank you to everyone for visiting and looking at my entry, also BIG thank you to all of you who comment on the regular and help me get through all of this craziness! :))

Talk soon!


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  1. Oh Rebecca, you have done it! congratulations!!!!! You rock, girl. To do this with such young children is such an achievement. Your last minute dash is just so like me I can’t believe it – only you managed to do it anyway. I have done so many quarter scale projects that I relate soooooo much to everything you say, and know how all those mishaps just occur right at the last moment when you can least afford for them to happen. Be proud of your achievement no matter what the outcome of the competition.

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