Feeling defeated…

I am feeling mega defeated by this dollhouse. I wont give up, but wanted to make it known, so I can look back after and be proud for pushing through.

I’ve been having a rough couple of weeks when it comes to staying focused. I tend to crumple before deadlines. Happens at school too. I start my research papers the day I get them, compiling notes and references, etc. Then? I stop until about 2 weeks before it’s due. I pick it back up only to stare at the wall thinking “wtf?” to myself. Then two days, or sometimes 2 hours before the deadline, I start writing.

Hopefully I won’t be doing too much besides taking and editing pictures 24 hours before this deadline……..hopefully.

It’s funny that I have managed to allow myself to feel the slightest bit of defeat from a 4″ tall dollhouse… something so small act caused me to cry the other day (but we could also blame that on lady hormones, lol) Don’t laugh because you may be there too one day. 😉

So what’s all the fuss about?? Lights.

I originally bought 5. One for each room. Then, I blew one because I didn’t read the package which said the lights were 1.5V and I attached it to a “C” battery (9V)….so now I attach the “AA” which are 1.5V, lol, apparently school science DID pay off!, just tool me a while to remember it.

So, down to four lights.

I tested one in the living room area above the couch, but it felt weird seeing it lit up without having one in the front entry as well…. and The kitchen would also be better with two lights.

So, now zero lights. -_-

This an issue because the dining room needs one, as well as the bedroom and bathroom.

Now I’m at -3 lights. The negative representing lights in need.

Oh, and have I mentioned that I cannot simply live with a house that has interior lights and not at least one on the front porch? …..

-4 lights. >. <

However….according to my ticker there are only 2 days left in the contest. 2 days. Only one of which the light suppliers (model builders supply) will be open….from 10-4. Today……have I ever mentioned I have no car and two children and MBS is a town over?…..yea. -_-

What’s a girl to do? Attempt to borrow a car and get to MBS to buy four more? In a few hours time? Or buy different type LEDs from the local electronic store? ……. or just leave out some rooms in the final contest? (Will be doing this with the bathroom actually. –btw regret that addition since it’s proven to be pointless in relation to the contest…but at least there is a toilet room in the house.) I could only focus on the living room, kitchen and exterior? Or maybe dining room as well and I’ll only use one light in the kitchen. Now that I think about that, it might work that way. Since I think I can get away with only light in the centre back by the counters and sink?….or not actually now that I imagined it a second time.

What about no lights anywhere? At all? ….well that doesn’t make me feel good because I am afraid that if there aren’t lights, since the rooms are at biggest 3″ tall, I won’t be able to photograph half the detail I would like to with an internal light source. No lights in the house might mean I nees to build a lightbox to photograph with….

Should I have a lightbox anyways?! Might be better? I’m not sure….. >. <

Do you see the issues I have here?…my mind is having serious issues.

Because of this, I’ve been avoiding the lights all together, instead working on bringing the porch together so I can finalize some interior room details and then attach the roof…and electrical…..oh, did I mention 2 days left?!?


The past few weeks have been combined with exhaustion, and not-knowing-what-to-think-ness. One night I brought out clay and I was like “heck yes! I’m going to make alllll the clay stuff tonight sitting on my couch!!!!” Only to end up giving up and saying “I don’t need to make any of this with clay! I’ll make it tomorrow for real from _______”. Then the next day came and I get to business and realize, “no, no, I actually did need to make that from clay.” -_-


So. It’s crunch time. Like, super crunch time…. let’s all hope I don’t crumble under pressure!

Just to reassure you that I am almost there, I will share my pictures from last night. Nothing special just a few shots I took as I was putting the railings and etc on to the porch. 🙂


Working on the stair banisters


Porch side view.


Porch side view.


Front view. Still needs more foliage added to those gardens!


Front view.

I am not sure what to say at this point! I can’t believe the contest is almost over!!


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  1. Kathryn Rubidoux · · Reply

    Put a light on the porch and then pick the most important room and use the rest of the lights there. That way one room is completely finished for the contest.

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