Ok…Now I’m just wasting time…

last night…that energy I was hoping for finally arrrived. I went straight back to work on the kitchen, building a freestanding double oven.


Used matteboard for the front door.


Covered the door with tinfoil I had stashed from my newest Nutella jar (its a great foil! Bronze/Goldish on other side too!)


Foil covered oven

Everything was looking great! I cut out the windows in the door, added a small piece of transparency sheet and glued the door on. I cut some handles from staples;


So what’s the problem? I don’t like it in the kitchen….



It’s too big…and I think I’ll have to do more work to use it..like beef up the counters, etc, etc. I even asked Gord for a second opinion and he also prefers the white stove I already had.


He asked me why would I have even tried building another one? I told him, because I really wanted a stainless steel freestanding double oven. ugh. so much for that 😦

Hopefully I won’t waste any precious time tonight! There are only 24 days left! !!! :/

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