My current creative zone = Mess!

So…I sat in front of my house last night. Didn’t even turn on my light. I just took a picture to prove I was there. 😉

I’ve been really tired the past few nights. I doubt it’s still to do with Friday night’s vodka mishap — but regardless, this tired? it’s been cramping my style….I haven’t been productive at all and this makes me really nervous because, there are only 25 days left in the contest. what. the. :/


I have faith though. I tend to always work this way, a few nights going crazy creating….then a few nights going to bed early, then switch. So hopefully tonight I find it in me to get something else finished. I’m not so much worried about the other rooms as I am about the roof…and stuff. lol.

I had this crazy idea to set nia up with some paint next to me while I do a bit of work, but I’m not going to lie, bringing my 3 year old curious daughter around a dollhouse with a couch the size of a penny? Not always the best idea. lol. I almost had a heart attack last time! and this time I suggest paint? really? lol (I must add,  she is really careful and totally understands they are fragile and very important to me 🙂 still makes me nervous, lol.)

Anyways, I think I’ve managed to get Makaio down for his morning nap, so I might just go attempt some work now!

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