Those wooden curtain valences I posted about last night were super simple, but oh em gee, did it take me foreverrrrrrrr.  It was one of those projects I only got to work on a few minutes a night for like, four days. To be fair to myself, those were the days over Easter Weekend, which was busy, but it still took too long  The problem with this? Feels like I’m slacking off and stretching out projects that should only take a short amount of time. There’s not a lot if time left in the contest, I don’t have time to stretch out my projects or anything…not even…something you stretch a lot……..pantyhose? (Do you see how crazy this is making me?!)…..

There are only 29 days left until the contest closes (or whatever, because no,  lol, I haven’t double checked that date, even though I keep talking about how I will  . …. -_- )


I guess the past few nights I’ve been actually consciously aware of this fact, so I’ve been working harder than a beaver building a dam in the prairies. (that would be hard work, no?) Here are my efforts;


I glued everything into the front hall. I did end up moving the wall, which ripped up my floor,  (of course), so I used a rug to cover up the ugliness.

Since I had moved the wall, I had to play around with the layout of the living room…




I decided to go with the last option.  I like the idea of having the pictures hanging behind the couch, and this will make it possible! (I wonder if I had never moved the wall, if I would have kept the couch against the half wall? and then where would I have put the pictures? hmm).

I put together another chair kit from By Sharon Miniatures.


Quarter Scale chair

This one is white and will end up with either the sewing machine in the bedroom;


I still need to spray paint the sewing machine. This is a rough idea of what it will look like! and I obviously will need to give the chair some touch ups!

..or it may end up with the secretary table…. I haven’t figured that out yet. I had it in the dining rom because I have been wondering if perhaps the dark furniture in there is too dark? with the dark floors, and then these light flowery curtians? Here is a comparison;


As a reminder here is the dark furniture, in that room;



I also painted the doorknobs on all the doors;


no, really, it was thatexciting. lol.

I’m sure it doesn’t look like much, but this actually took me about 3 hours to do!!! I’m getting much closer to finishing what I’d like to have finished for the contest ends, and that is a satisfying feeling in itself!

Expect updates tomorrow! !


P.s. there are actually now only 28 days left because I started this post in the afternoon and it’s now 1:24 am and I’m just finishing it as I lay in bed. I have lotsmore finished from tonight and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!



  1. Dianne & Jack · · Reply

    You continue to amaze me! I really like the change of location of the living room couch as I think it looks more inviting when you see it when you enter the front door, and it will be more “finished” when you put the picture above it. Maybe you could put a small scale flat screen TV on the half wall, which wouldn’t take up any space, but add another small detail to the living room. I’m conflicted about the colour of the dining room furniture. I agree that the brown looks rather dark in contrast to the wallpaper….but the white might look too much like kitchen furniture??. Perhaps the solution might be to leave the dark furniture but have some lighter décor items on the table. Maybe some flowers &/or candles or a low bowl of something interesting. Am just trying to think of a way to break up the brown. Oops, just realized that would create even more work for you. Sorry about that! Hugs, Grandma D.

  2. Don’t worry! I’ve already thought of all of the above — and I will be posting about it as soon as I can get Makaio to sleep! 🙂
    Let’s just say, we are definitely on the same page!!

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