Now things are moving!!!!

When we bought our condo, one od the appealing features for us was the “storage room” at the back. It could even be a very small bedroom without a window, for those who really needed,  our realtor suggested an office. I saw craft room. Until lately I haven’t spent much time in there because it hasn’t been organized. With the spring cleaning itch, I spent some time back there and now its a nice little workspace!  (I will add pictures another day).

Before I was lugging everyrhingggggg out to the kitchen table and it would be so annoying when I realized there was something else that I needed, and I had to walk allll the way back (like 50m). I know it sounds silly, but after all day with the kids, I’m lucky to have my eyes open at the ungodly hours of the night I do my work, walking is just…ugh. When I would realize I needed to walk to get something, I’d put off getting up fron my chairand eventually get nothing done….now when I think of something I just turn and get it! It has certainly helped my crazy creative mind have better “flow” 🙂

I did decide to put the couch against the wall. I attached pictures above and added a book and plant to the coffer table.


You might’ve noticed a new plant on the half wall. I made a couple more using beads and the MBS  landscape flocking. 


The black plant is the one that ended up by the front door. The light one I made previously is on the coffee table and the other is on the front hall table.


This is a better view of the black planter.

The front hall now has nice greenery…


Pretty blurry picture! Hard to get close and I had to crop and therefore make more obvious how unclear it was.

As I mentioned the crystal planter wasn’t right in this room, so I placed it on the dining room table. ans Grandma D, you were right! I think the lighter accessory on the dark table is the thing I am looking for in the dining room. 🙂


Even the planter looks better on the dark furniture!  I think I’ve found the beginning of my centrepiece! ! 🙂 🙂

I added a clock as well,  made from a jewelry finding and a printed clock face.


Nor sure why I chose a nautical theme? I thought I had a nautical theme going in here but I definitely don't! (except for one anchor picture, which I will show in a minute)


Close up.

I also started to make a lamp for the living area. I used “fancy” toothpicks, (yes, the ones from you Grandma D! A double mention of you in this post! :)), and jewelry findings.


I can't remember what these jewelry were called, but they make the perfect quarter scale lamp base 🙂


painted brown to match the other furniture.



I read that a binder ring reinforment (you know the ones you use for fixing a ripped hole on paper in a binder?) was a good way to make a quarter scale lamp shade. Thankfully since I haven’t been out of school long and had some lots in my stash. I wanted a fabric lampshade so I attached the sticky side to a small coral coloured piece of the scarf I’ve been using for fabric.





but it turned out this method is only amazing for smaller lamps..


I want to scale down a template, but im putting that off as my printer and computer reside in the dining area of mg house, ans since I didn’t want to leave myself room for slacking, I just moved right along and hung some more pictures in the front hall area;


I made these from printies and cardstock.

Now the room is almost finished!!!




Front Hall area.


Living Room area.

Notice I put a penny in there ro show the scale? 🙂

I’d still like to put a few more things in these areas, like a TV and some shoes..maybe more plants? Not sure For now, I’m going to focus more of my energy into the other rooms… lights, porch, and roof….still so much to do and so little time!

But as you can see I am making steady progress now that I have relocated myself to a crafting room! 🙂

I’m off to see what I can get finished tonight, I want to head to bead early because tomorrow is 75% day at goodwill and I need a lampshade! 🙂

Have a good night!

Rebecca 🙂


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  1. Oye, it’s so cute, I can’t stand it. You are doing such a great job.

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