Making a Miniature Wooden Curtain Valence

(insert whiney introduction where I complain about what I have left to do and how little days are left in the Undereized Urbanite contest. )

Moving right along….here are some quarter scale wooden valences I made this week. My inspiration came from Pinterest. I’d never considered this type of window covering before, in miniature or real life, but I really like how they turned out and I now want some for all of my real house. 🙂

Here is the window before any “dressings”;


and after….


I added the same in the dining room…


They were super simple. A popsicle stick for the front and skinny sticks for the sides. I couldn’t find my measuring square this night, and when able to avoid, I don’t measure. LOL. so this was an easy way to make thinvs even since those above mentioned sticks are pre-cut. 🙂

Now all the windows, except for the kitchen are covered.  I will wait until I have the cabinets (omg, I still have a whole kitchen to build. …) in there before I go about that!

Talk to you soon!



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