61 ÷ 41 =1.48780487804878

Remember all the dolls I got the other day?



I hadn’t paid much attention to the Barbies in the lot. I ended up taking the crazy lady’s dress? The fashionista’s body and the far right head and creating his custom Barbie fashionista….


I have always wanted a Barbie with bangs! I like the way it frames her face.

Today, I was playing around lisitn stuff on eBay and remembered that the skirt which came on LIV doll alexis was mighty big for her. I thought I’d throw it onto a naked Barbie I have to up the resale potential, and was surprised to see it was also too big…and long…..

Which got me thinking…what kind of doll could this skirt possibly have come from?….


Oh hayyyy now I know. 🙂 (sorry I didn’t brjng her to the light to take the picture, but you get the idea).

Fun times.

I didn’t do anything related to undersized urbanite last night. I was exhausted and needed a break, but I had a hard time sleeping because I couldn’t stop thinking of alllll the things I still have left to do before the contedt closes. So, I wrote a list, which is usually my solution to getting my brain to stop going on overdrive.


After I wrote out all the things in each room I still have left to build, finish, etc. I had 62 items…and there are (or were last night) 41 days left (now 40…). I plugged that into the calculator to find out that I need to complete at least 1.48780487804878 items off my list every single night…



So I need to either put in a few power nights or days, or I need to make sure I check off at least two or three things off that list every night. It might even be a safe time to bring it out to the kitchen table wait…I have kids…

No idea how this is going to go down! Wish me luck, I’m diving right in tonight! 🙂



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