Undersized Urbanite — Filling the bokcase..and other fails

Friday night was sooo unproductive. I spent a few hours wasting my time attempting to make clay flowers….




I ended up not thinking and not baking it before I attempted to place it in the garden to see how it looked…. Which obviously resulted in me squishing it.

I then moved on to attempt to make a door handle out of clay….and failed at that! So I decided to stay away from clay as much as I can for now. Especially in this scale. I just don’t have the patience, or time really!  Have you seen how many days are left until the contest ends?


And I’m not even 100% if that’s the day that the pictures need to be submitted, or the day that voting starts. If this is the date for the latter, than we actually have less days than that….. :/

Time to get moving!

I made a iddy biddy front door handle from cardstock. Its so small it was almost impossible to get a focused picture.


Much better than the original doorknob, which I have since removed.


That pretty much sums up Friday. Another unproductive night, but at least I am figuring out different methods for building and creating in this scale! 😉

Saturday night, I went right along to the living room. I put more “books” onto the shelves. I also tried playing around with somr accessories in the spaces I left book free;


You can’t even see the little crystal bead on the shelf because its clear, but it’s there…two shelves above the open shelf. I tried something black..and it was too dark. :/

I remembered that when I printed the books, I also downsized some vintage board games from Jennifers printables.


They look amazing, considering how super small they were. I struggled so much with all the little tabs that I ended up removing them all together, except for the fronts, which would be visible when on the shelf. When I placed them, they lost 90% of their detail.

I tried some record albums too….


But they too got lost in the overall picture and just look like a pile of junk…


I also had stashed a printable desk set. I noticed that some of the lamp shades might be suitable for planters on my empty display shelf..


They too seem hard to see? I want to put some greenery in there to see if they will stand out more, and if they end up looking bad, then I will just make another shelf of books (I’m already leaning more towards this option!).

I tried putting together a little trunk I downsized from Jims printable minis. It was also hard to fold and I think I ended up ruining it…



In the house it might not look as bad…

Naww….still looks pretty bad. :/ For now it seems suitable to hold all the other homeless items I made last night 🙂

I’ll leave you with an overall view of the room. After studying this picture I have decided I want to change the window bench fabric to something more neutral…

That will be first on my list tonight! That is, if I can muster up any energy to do anything! :/

Talk soon,




  1. Quarter scale things always look pretty bad when photographed – everything is exaggerated. Remember that in real life it always looks a lot better, or so I have found. So the trunk probably just looks like an old, ‘bashed up’ trunk in reality. And tiny details like the record covers do make a huge difference to a setting, even though they might night be as clearly seen as they are in other scales – they add that touch of realism that people think can’t be done in 1:48, but really can – and it’s so satisfying to do!

    1. This is so true! they are so small and they look great from far away….then I get the macro lens all up in there and its not as pretty lol :/
      I bet if I started using a magnifying lens to see what I was working on I would be less disappointed at the end result! 🙂

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