Undersized Urbanite Landscaping — Part 2

After my “flowers” from the previous night had dried, it suddenly occurred to me….how was I to stick these to the ground? Which didn’t have floral foam under the dirt as some people suggest (so, you know, you have something to anchor the wires in?). After a short time brainstorming, I decided to glue the wires into a piece of clay. I made the base of the clay flat, so it would be able to stand and be glued;


I also faced the same issue with the trees, so I used a similar method to attach them to the base;


With the trees being much more top heavy than the flowers, I used masking tape to secure them in place;


I then did the same thing I did for all my “grass” and “paper mâchéd” toilet paper over the tape base;


I painted them to match, but didn’t take a picture, but you’ll see it in the background of the upcoming ones. I attempted to make some more flowers from paper, since I like the way it looks over the flocking, or foliage, or whatever, but I failed miserably. I decided to do some flower hedges instead. I considered making budges from floral wire, tape, and foliage, but at the same time I wanted them to be consistently flat with the other bushes. Which were made out of the excess branches from the trees. I decided to use plastic canvas cut into random sizes, which I covered in foliage;


I attempted to add flower bunches to these by dabbing glue and putting coloured foam on…but it looked wretched. Not sure how people manage to make those little bushes with the sprinkled flowers on top. Good thing I only tried with one so I didn’t ruin them all, lol. So I kept them as is and glued the hedges in place;



Next up, grass;



I was shocked at the difference it made, especially around the pathway;





I also finally painted my front door the bright yellow I had in mind from day 1;


I also added a fun little accessory to the house over the weekend..


A JEEP! Say whaaaat! I found it at the thrift store in a bag of car toys, the rest which were passed on to my son. It couldn’t be more perfect!


And the doors and truck even open and close!


Here are some shots of it in place on the driveway;



Looks perfect! 🙂 I have a lot of fun things in mind for this! That is all for today! I’m now off to hopefully finish part three, and the final part, of the landscaping!

Rebecca 🙂

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