I built a camelback sofa and didn’t know what to call this post

Saturday was exhausting, I didn’t want to stay awake, but my creativity juices were/are flowing so I wanted to use them while they are here.

As I was laying in bed the previous night, after working on the bookcase, I went to bed thinking about the whole living room setup, where all the furniture would go and etc,. I was having a hard time because I wanted the sitting area, naturally, being the living room, and I also wanted to have some sort of front entry area with a table or bench and coat rack….But i wanted them separated without being two rooms…lol..picky! So I decided on a half wall. But of course, I didn’t take a single WIP picture or a final picture…but you will see it in the background of other things I will share today. 🙂

Sunday night, I went to bed at 8:30 pm, So you can imagine I accomplished a lot ;), or actually nothing, Lol.

Last night, Monday, I jumped right into action knowing I have about a million things I want to build and we have just over 50 days left. If it takes me one night to build one thing….I can only build 50 more things….if I don’t fall asleep…and we all know how I am with that, lol

First order of business, couch. or Camelback sofa if you will. (couch must be a Canadian thing? I should google that, lol). The kit was from Karen Carey. Very clean and laser cut.


On my last thrift store trip, I spent extra time in the scarf section looking for some nice thin material that would be appropriate for this scale, and also match my envisioned colour scheme. I’ve been looking for a long time, but really lucked out on my last trip finding a scarf that is the identical colours I’ve been using in this room;


Just look at how well the rug matches these colours!


Since there is already a lot of coral in the house, and the rug has mainly coral, I decided to use the teal colour with a dark stain for the couch.


I don’t have a magnetic jig, but paint bottles worked just as well to hold it together as it dried.


Voila! An itsy bisty couch, or sofa, depending on where you live. Lol.

I love the contrast between the dark stain and bright colour and I think it looks great in the white room, with the rug;


After taking this picture I wasn’t 100% sure how I felt about the back upholstery of the couch, so I removed it…


I’m not sure which way I like better. Last night I thought I liked the wood back, despite the fact that it lacks realism. Today, I think I like the back upholstery…geesh. Good thing I still have it! What do you think I should do?

I managed to fit building two more pieces last night, the Queen Anne side tables.


They were straightforward to put together and involved no upholstery so only took me about 20 minutes to do. This was refreshing because I was getting super worried about the one thing a night, and only 50 nights situation. 🙂 some nights I suppose I will do more than others!

Today I’m feeling super motivated. I can’t wait until tonight to get down to business! Especially since today I’m making a trip to Model Builders Supply, which is luckily, only a short 15 minute (or less) drive from my house. Yes, I’m talking about the model builders supply store. You know where you get your squeeze’em trees and landscaping stuff, the 1:12 hot tub kit? The plastic toilets you paint from the inside? Lol. Pretty much anything that says Model Builders Supply or MBS, isfrim them. I think they are one of the largest suppliers of model building supplies around. I see a lot of their stuff on others blogs and the name is brought up a lot….anyways, the “store” close to me, is the distribution warehouse, a lot of their stuff is made in house and shipped out from here, to you. Just so happens I live sooooo close. 🙂

My trips here are limited, it’s hard to walk in and out without wanting the whole store. Lol. They also are only open Monday to Thursday 8-4. Which was never convenient before because my MIL and Gord were working until after 4 and it’s not an easily bused to location. Sooo, now that my MIL isn’t working, I never realized until the other day that instead if ordering stuff from third parties or whatnot, I could be buying it from the source! Bahaaaahaha

Anyways, today I’m looking to get,

A) landscaping supplies
B) fencing for yard and railings for porch
C) bedroom
D) bathroom
E) patio furniture
F) something fun

And I’m hoping to only get 1:48 scale stuff. Which is going to be hard since they have lots of houseworks and cir-kit 1:12 scale stuff which is heavily discounted, and tempting…but I need nothing! Lol honestly, the orchid isn’t even in my condo, and it has all it needs, except someone to finish it… 🙂

Anyhow, I hope to stop in later and show you the goods! I wish I could somehow take you all with me so we could all ooh and ahh over everything together. It really is a difficult place to go alone!

See you soon!


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