Back from Model Builders Supply!

Omg! So hard not to buy that WHOLE STORE!!

My trip wasn’t that adventurous, but was long! I don’t like not having my cell phone because I easily loose track of time! I left the condo parking lot at 1:40 and arrived at MBS by 1:55. I felt like I was there for only a few minutes, but when I asked for the time, was surprised to hear it was 2:50! An hour! Easily spent in a place like this! It reminded me of a meme I saw on Facebook the other day…..


Except, I wasn’t with kids, I just become a kid, and my mind goes ballistic. So many ideas start flowing. I can’t stop my self from touching almost everything and thinking what possibility it could hold for one of my dollhouses! It’s hard to focus! I end up putting a lot back, making a wish list for my “next trip” as tall as myself, and always spend too much money, but never come home with enough! Does that make sense? A typical miniaturist in a hobby shop. Or any person with a hobby in their related hobby shop.

Here is a recap of my list of what I wanted, along with what I actually brought home. 🙂

A) landscaping supplies


More foliage and grass;




A hedge, but I totally grabbed the wrong size 😦 and no refunds…so boo!


B) fencing for yard and railings for porch
I saw some fencing, but it was $9.95 and I wasn’t sure I needed it. I will do the landscaping and see how I feel. They had some balusters in the back clearance, but I didn’t like it and forgot about it my the time I got to the catalog! My porch remains unfinished….until next trip.

C) bedroom
They had a master bedroom set that was 8 pc and $8.97. Plastic, and not too my liking. I figured if I couldn’t find anything better, (which would be hard at just over $1 a piece), I will go back, they have lots.

D) bathroom
Found some plastic pieces. I’m only interested in the bathtub and toilet. I just figured that this was a lot less expensive than some single cast resin pieces I had seen ($2.95 for all this, vs $5 for one toilet, tub or sink). We will see what I can do with them…


E) patio furniture
I was all ugly! I have my heart set on a porch swing from By Sharon Miniatures, which I will try to make my own of, and if not, will order that one.

F) something fun
Who doesn’t love fun unnecessary things?!



With a Canadian Nickel for scale;


Sewing machine!!




So tiny! 🙂

I also picked up some tiny cir-kit bulbs I found, and tape wire I needed for the Orchid, and maybe this project? If I plan on using those lights?

Gord and I had discussed having him make lights for this house which would run off of batteries, but now vie gotten so far without planning I’m worried that I can’t hide anything, so tape wire into a lead and transformer might be an option, I don’t always have to have the transformer in…. We will have to wait and see what the electrician says. 😉

I can’t wait for tonight to get down to business again! I feel like my vision is finally coming together and I can see the end result. I’m hoping to now turn my focus back to the landscaping. I want to get that out of the way, since in my head I’m worried it might take a lot longer than I think (I’m hoping 3 nights max, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it took me a week!)

I’ll be back soon to show you everything! (This blogging as I go is working much better, as you might be able to tell, two posts in one day!). I’m off to make supper for my fam jam!

Have a good night!



One comment

  1. That typewriter and sewing machine are just too cute! I wish there was a store near me that had a collection that intense. Great work on the model, looks amazing!

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