Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 10

Before I continue, you’ll notice that we have entered the double digit weeks! Scary thought! Time is flying!!!

I’ve had a tough week trying to catch up on life after everyone being sick. I’ve still been experiencing pain and pressure in my ear. I think the excess fluid build up during my sickness, combined with my already ear drainage issues, might have caused an ear infection. The pain has been so unbearable at times that I end up just heaped on the floor, begging for Advil. So, needless to say, a trip to the doctor is in the works this week.

My progress for the undersized urbanite has been limited, since a lot of nights I have ended up falling asleep to attempt to escape the pain. But I have squeezed a few hours work in, and that makes me happy. What doesn’t make me very happy though, is that my phone broke….again! And yes, I just bought a new one, but it seems to be defective and wouldn’t charge, so it’s off to (hopefully) get repaired! In the meantime, I’m relying on the iPad for pictures and its a lot more difficult to squeeze into the tiny house. For the next 2-5 weeks this will be my life….very pictureless. 😦

Anyways, here is what I’ve been up too!

I finished off most of the bathroom;


I still need to add baseboards, but I’m happy with the result so far. πŸ™‚

In the other rooms, I finished off the doorway gaps between the rooms,


and also lined the openings with paper to make them more clean, which is especially important in the archway doors which will remain visible, the others will have the plastic doors and frams placed into them.


I finished off the kitchen by putting in the baseboards.


I started working on the foundation by gluing the house to a piece of styrofoam I had in my stash from when we bought our wall unit from IKEA.


After struggling to glue egg carton stones around, I noticed that the styrofoam itself looked like quarter scale stones. At the same time I noticed some pieces that had crumbled out when I cut it. They were little balls….and perfect for making a stone foundation! I added trim around the base to keep it even. I crumbled a bunch of styrofoam and glued it in place, then painted it.


I still need to paint it some more, and trim out some places, but I am super happy with the effect and I’m certain I will be turning styrofoam into stones again when working in this scale! πŸ™‚

While I was waiting for the glue to dry on the foundation, I started working on the siding.



I did end up buying car stock, but it wasn’t the right colour. So I ended up painting white card stock. I still want to paint over it to rid the white lines that came from cutting the paper, and I will be trimming off the edges so you can’t see the joins.

You’ll also notice I glued it to a wooden base. It was one I just happened to have lying around that was the perfect size. I drew a rough idea for gardens, balcony and driveway, but I think I might change it a bit now.

That’s all for this week! I’m off to do some more work, and then to bed, even though its already so late, I want to get rest because tomorrow is Family Day here in Ontario, so I plan on spending a fun filled day with my fam! (Hopefully tobogganing! πŸ™‚ )

See ya!



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