Undersized Urbanite Update Weeks: 8/9

As promised, I have returned with two weeks worth of updates regarding the Undersized Urbanite. Last week, before the plague hit, I spent a good day thinking about whether or not I should add a fifth room, a bathroom, onto the left side of the house. As I have mentioned many times, I am a super realist when it comes to dollhouses and minis, or any toy really, (and I have been this way since I was little!), so the idea of a house without a bathroom really set my OCD into overdrive. This was what lead me to take a break and make those mini topiaries in my post the other day. 🙂

After cleaning my head a bit, I realized that a bathroom could not be compromised. So I cut a room from some Basswood I had on hand;


Wainscoting will be covering the bottom, and I wasn’t aware of the big gap in the wallpaper there, but it shouldn’t be too noticeable in the end?…the thought of re-papering is daunting right now….. I also spent a great deal of time also thinking about that doorway….


At first I thought I would just glue a false door…but worried that it would bother me in the end because it wouldn’t be consistent with the rest. I was going to go get a door from the local model supply store, but I worried that this also wouldn’t “match” well enough for my OCD. I then remembered I had my other kit made by the same woman, meaning the same doors would be used in that kit, so I could use that door for this house, and find a replacement door for that one down the road. I know I will have less issues with this route because there is only one door in the other house, so I don’t have to worry about matching too many. It also has 7 rooms, so I won’t be having any surprise rooms built, I should hope at least. In the end, I’m glad I put it in. I could not have an archway from the bathroom to the bedroom.

The living room had a complete makeover from its previous coral papered state.





So. Much. Better.

I’m hoping. Bookcase will surround the window, floor to ceiling style, which I think will be stunning especially with the angled roof. That’s Nerd sexy. You know what I mean? That’s my style in life, in case you were ever wondering. LOL.

The coral was not removed from the entire house though, I shifted it down a room, into the kitchen, where it looks much more at home next to my favourite floral dining room. I really wasn’t sure what to do with that ugly beige paper. With coral, I’m thinking bright white cupboards and a white back splash will bring in some nice contrast.


Here is a full view;


You might notice that the door that was in the back corner of the kitchen is now gone


It has been moved into the living room, to serve as the door between the living room and bedroom. I felt it was only right to sacrifice this door to have better privacy in the bedroom. 😉


And yes, I am very aware of my horrible cutting job in the kitchen wallpaper. I had forgotten that its actually the small window which will be going there. But I am not too worried, because in the end it will be covered by cupboards and back splash, I’m not even sure that wallpaper will even be visible here in the end.


I was also happy to receive my kits from Karen Carey miniatures;


I’m obviously just itching to put together these kits! But I am going to wait until I have finished both the exterior and interior. (we’ll have to see if I can last!). My plan for now, is to;

1. Finish up the bathroom, flooring, wainscoting and trim.

2. Finish trim in all other rooms, including window and doorways.

3. Spray paint plastic windows and doors. (That blue is just wretched!)

4. Move to outside….starting with gluing to more permanent base

5. Sculpt stone foundation from clay

6. Siding

7. Exterior trim.

Seems simple enough right? I’m sure it will take me a week to complete, and that’s if nothing comes up while I’m working, you know, one of those roundhouse thought moments where you want to do something but can’t until something else is done, but can’t do that until something else is done, and that something else involves going to a store which isn’t open, or even worse, ordering something online, so you can’t actually do anything. That moment. Hopefully we won’t have any of those! 🙂

Until next time!



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  1. This house still amazes me, Great work. That little furniture is going to be so fun to build, I’d be dying to get to it too.

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