A Week of Sickness!

Last Monday, Gord started coming down with a fever…by late Tuesday, Nia (3) had it. By Thursday night, Makaio (11 months) had it. And by Sunday morning? Everyone was better, so it was Mommy’s turn, naturally.

It’s Thursday night, (a week and a half into the whole thing!), and I’m just starting to feel better…ish. My UUDC will cover two weeks, and hopefully be up tomorrow. In the meantime, to end my blog dormancy, I will share with you some 1:12 scale stuff I completed before the plague hit.

Not sure if I previously mentioned, but I have been working on fixing up my room box to a more permanent state. It has seen many coats of paint, the last being a really dark purple which was horrible for taking pictures. After finally not being able to stand the dark background (especially when Lina’s in the picture, because her frizzies stand out more!), I gave the box a nice cream coat of paint. It made a world of a difference and looks wonderful in contrast with the dark floors, (sorry no full picture of just room box!). After seeing it so light and fresh, I decided I wanted to take it a step further and add some more white items along with some greenery. A white room with some fresh lush greenery always seems so open and airy and clean. I really would love this in real life, but it would be highly unlikely with children and Gords personal taste. So mini form, it will have to be, and since I’m not sure what other project I could apply this too, I went with the roombox.

I started by painting a fireplace from my stash white. I did this one night when I was too overwhelmed with the UUDC house, and needed to give my eyes a bit of a break.

I still want to put another coat of paint, but first I’d like to put some egg carton bricks in the “pit” area, (sorry, I don’t know fireplace lingo). Seeing the white on cream, made me start thinking obsessively about creating greenery, so another night when I didn’t feel like working on UUDC, I made some miniature topiaries. This was the easiest plant I could think to make, and was inspired by Otterine’s tutorial.

I didn’t have floral tape to make the “stems”, so I asked Gord to bring me home some twigs from the ground when he came home. He mysteriously forgot, (although, I think he’s not as crazy as I am, and can’t justify looking crazy picking up twigs off the ground and bringing them inside to make mini’s LOL), so I improvised with what I had on hand. I used a matchstick for the base. I wrapped some paper towel around the matchstick and slopped on a lot of glue to make it harden. And once it was dry, I painted brown.


I then made two balls from paper towel as well, also slathered in glue to harden it into shape.


I painted them green;


After the paint dried, I brushed on glue, and dipped them into some finely chopped dried parsley 🙂


They look pretty convincing! And I’m now starting to think I might use more paper mâché in future projects (that’s essentially what this was, except, I didn’t make it one part water one part glue, just allll glue, lol.). Here’s another view;


And that’s all for now! I’m off to sit and build until my little heart is content! It’s been so long! I really need to get working too, not much longer now for the deadline of Undersized Urbanite! (Only 2.5-ish months now, I think?)

Be back tomorrow with an update on that project! Miss you all and can’t wait to catch up and see what everyone else has been up too while we were all in bed! 🙂



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