Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 5


Of course, my post is late. I’m a slacker. This was supposed to be something I was changing for the new year….so far, I’m not doing so great! But this is not a sad post about how I’m failing at my goals, it is a happy-ish post where I share with you what I have been up to the past week for the UUDC.

As you saw in my last post. I had glued and primed my shell, as well as, picked out a selection of possible wallpapers. I managed to put together a nice wallpaper palette (if that’s what you would even call it?). Here is what I chose for each room;


This is what I will refer to as room 1. I originally was thinking this would be a laundry room/mud room that came off of the kitchen. But when I placed this wallpaper here to see what it might look like, I immediately got a vision for a wonderful dining space. So, to the laundromat it is for this mini person! (It really is bugging me that there won’t be anywhere to wash clothes! I can get finicky about details sometimes and I’m not a fan of houses that are missing things like, stairs, bathrooms, or in this case laundry room…).


The colour and pattern on this paper was hard to pick up with the white out that was created by the primer. This is the second room, it will be the kitchen, and it will have the side entry door. So the mini resident can eat breakfast and then head straight out the side to the driveway and off to work! Makes sense right?


This coral colour will be in the main living room, which has the front door entry. I think it helps bring the flowered paper through from the back room. 🙂


The blue flower print will be in the bedroom, which might be the last room. I am debating still on whether or not to add a bathroom off of this room. I would most likely make the house into an L shape to do this so that it won’t end up too long and looking awkward. The last wallpaper I will show you is this potential bathroom’s wallpaper;


A full view of house with selected wallpapers;


All the papers by themselves;


I was super excited after my mind had been made up about wallpaper! One decision down, millions to go!! The next logical step seemed to be the floors. I would’ve put the wallpaper in, but I need to get some spray sealant first. So that will have to wait. Floors for now. But of course, as my life usually tries to confuse and torture me, I couldn’t find my easy cutters, or angle cutters, or whatever you call them. These;


Do you use them? If you don’t. Buy some, now. Best tool ever for minis. You can cut an angle on a popsicle stick or any balsa/bass wood easier than butter with a butter knife. But I couldn’t find them, and needed them to start to cut my floors. After a few days of digging in my still yet to be unpacked and organized craft space, I was about to give up and give you a post about boring paper choices, when, I found them. I think this was Friday…so, I tried my best to cut and glue as many matchsticks as I could to lay a wood floor. (yes, matchsticks, they seem to be the best strip wood to use for quarter scale miniature floors!)


I have made a bit more progress than what you see here. 🙂 I have two rooms complete (dining room and bedroom) and the third room is halfway done. I slowed down when I realized I didn’t have any fine grit sandpaper around. I figured I would only be torturing myself if I finished them and then couldn’t actually finish them.

So that will be my goal this week. To get out to Micheals, or wherever, and get some spray sealer and sandpaper so I can get back to work. Just I finally felt like I was starting to make progress, I get stalled!

I’ve been reading all of your comments and appreciate everyone’s feedback so much! I am always creeping everyone’s blogs, usually while I am feeding the baby, since it’s my quietest time. I always send emails to myself with the posts I want to comment on…and then I never actually comment…and then I get so far behind I think, it’s too silly now to comment on that 3 weeks later! But I will get to it and comment anyways. I’m loving everyone’s ideas so far! Perhaps I will do a separate post dedicated to highlights of my favourites? Or is that adding yet another thing to do…because I already have 5 other drafts that need finishing and, we all know how I am! O_o lol

I will definitely be back soon with more updates (and those 5 other posts I claim I have, lol. No really they’re there loving audience, they are there..) 🙂

Have a great day!!



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  1. You just take care of that beautiful mini bundle you have, we will wait 😉

    I love your wallpaper choices 😉

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