Undersized Urbanite update: Week 3

Seems to be as of lately I’ve been having a hard time getting my posts up by Friday. So, I have changed my standards, lol. I will always aim for friday, making sure to hit publish no later than Sunday night, with the exception of thisnone posy. This will make me sleep easier at night so I am not running around thinking “THE POST! THE POST!”. Yes, sadly I do care about getting it up on time, whether you, the audience does or not! This blog’s purpose is really just to document my projects — and on occasion life. πŸ™‚

So with that said, lets talk about what I did last week in relation to the Undersized Urbanite contest [sidenote: I’ve been thinking I will refer to the contest as the UUDC from now on, the less typing the better in my busy life situation!]. Since I had yet to recieve the kit, but still wanted to brainstorm, I decided to play around with the Paper app by 53 on the iPad. It was rated one of the best apps for 2012. Seriously, if you own an iPad and are the least bit artistically inclined [and aren’t oposed to digital art!], then I highly recommend downloading this app and trying out the one free pen. If you like it, than buy the whole thing for $9.99, I promise you won’t be disappointed. If you want to see some of the amazing things people have drawn using this app, run over to the made with paper blog for a bit and take a look around. Simply amazing!

Back to business though, I decided to use to use the paper app to draw out some possibilities for design for the house. I started with the exterior, just a skeleton so I could try a few different ideas;


I want a stone and siding combination, with white trim. I know the stone will be greyish and more rounded and smaller than the orchid is. however, I’m not 100% on the siding colour. I have thought sage green but kept going back to the dark blue,


I think this is because of a photo I saw on Pinterest after searching for exterior home inspirations. Which has blue siding and a bright yellow front door,

which would be cute in mini form with the grey stone foundation;


And then of course, you have to imagine white trim….


Looking at the pictures now I’m second guessing the whole front entry being stone. Or if I should continue the tall foundation all the way around?…. Thoughts?

also while on the paper app, I started thinking about the overall layout of the house as well. This is what I had originally thought the plan would be based on the kit as is;


But I was having issues with the whole door coming out of the bedroom idea and the fact that there will be a front facing patio coming with that. It would seem that this room would be better suited as a kitchen;


But who in their right mind would want to walk from the bedroom all the way to the opposite side of the house to use the washroom in the middle of the night?! Not me! So maybe I could switch the plan back to the original and just move the door….


But perhaps the other entry at the front is a good idea? A lot of houses do have two from entries, one at the front hallway and one in the kitchen or mud room. If I were to set it up this way instead, I could easily build a bathroom off of the bedroom in a manner than would leave everything open and accessible, as well as, keeping it on my base. Then where the bathroom was, by the kitchen, I could build a pretty sweet laundry room. And a driveway πŸ˜€


That’s all I have come up with for now. I have been pinning ideas to my Pinterest UUDC board . It’s helping me get an overall idea of what style I want to go with, and making sure I don’t forget it along the way!!

That’s all for last week. Can’t wait to show you the exciting things this week, [and the new year!] has brought! πŸ™‚

Have a great evening. See everyone soon!!!




  1. I think your color scheme looks great πŸ˜‰ Cant wait to see your decision .

  2. Love the colours with that yellow door, and that app is very want want… but I have the (vehement) hate of everything by apple 😦 and don’t have a tablet anyway so won’t bother to check if it’s available for android. Your brainstorming looks fab and can’t wait to see how things turn out.

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