And a Happy New Year!

Happy 2013! So many amazing things happened in 2012 for us! The two biggest being the birth of my son Makaio, and the purchase of our first home!

In my perfect world, this post would have been up on New Years Eve (NYE, if you’re a hipster!), but as we know, time is an issue for me lately,  as is overall energy, so I’m here late as always. My plan was to show you a miniature NYE scene that I was going to create from scratch. I decided to do this only a few days before NYE and had little hopes of getting it finished….and wasn’t surprised when I didn’t! Also, when I tried to set up the little I had accomplished? I realized only 90% turned out as I would have liked. Regardless, I still decided to take some pictures of what I did finish to show you…just promise not to laugh!!!! 🙂


Obviously I had plans for a more full table, like my Halloween scene…and I only had this tiny unfinished dresser around to use as a prop.


My glitter bunting was a pretty big fail. I put glue on the wrong side and then the glitter fell off after I touched them. I tried two methods for doing this. One wss cut, glue, glitter and the other was glue, glitter, cut. These are a product of the latter and I’m not sure it worked. Also , I do notice how uneven and crooked they are. The crooked could have been fixed before the picture, had I paid that much attention to detail, but I didn’t. And the crooked cutting…was because I put glitter over the lines. Lol. Next time, I will be sure to use a different approach, perhaps glitter paper shall be on my future dollarstore/Micheals trip list? 😉


The hats…I wanted to have strings and curly toppers….but making these were all I could manage to finish. The noise makers are made of paper. I will be putting all of this into a bag to bring out for next year….to finish!!

On that note, I decided to outline a few New Year resolutions. I make resolutions on a dailt basis, but the new year always seems the best time to actually share those ideas with everyone! 😉

For all of life;

1. Be more organized

2. By the end of the year, I’d like to be using our gym in our condo at least once a week.

3. Sticking to my word. I’m a procrastinator, and I’m pretty sure I have ADD, so sometimes I say I’m going to do something and end up not. I most commonly refer to this as “getting sidetracked” which I usually blame on being “overwhelmed”. 🙂 [this applies to my own personal to do lists. I am so aware of my habit that I have been known to write something like “e-mail _____” in my agenda book on a Tuesday, and immediately write, “e-mail _____ if haven’t already on Tuesday”, somewhere between Thursday and Saturday. Assuming already I will forget :)]

4. Keeping better documentation of our family life. I tried a family blog once, and it felt corny, but I might get back into it, at least weekly posts. Or even just posting pictures and random Nia quotes and other short notes. Looking back would be most rewarding — especially if I were to have it printed using blurb or some sort of photo book printing place. (Shutterfly, etc). So maybe I should start that like, tonight, LOL. 🙂

5. Eliminate credit card debt. My student loan will take more than a year, not to mention I plan on enrolling again in September — more on that on a later date 🙂

6. Join a mom and tots group and another for just me – I’d like “my” group to be the Miniature Enthusiasts of Toronto, but I’ll settle for the local library knitting club if I have to! Just would like something out of the house that involves minimal costs.

7. Finish the Orchid dollhouse by the end of th e year. I ordered and received the kit in March? Of 2012. I really didn’t think it would be longer than 3 months before I finished it. HA! I also thought it would be something Gord and I would work on together. DOUBLE HA! [To be fair, when I first started this dollhouse thing, he was in between projects of his own, and since he also finds building miniatures to be an amazing art, he started to make some kitchen pieces. That work came to a hault when he decided to build a custom PlayStation 3. Hopefully finishing my kitchen pieces are on his list of 2013 projects 😉 ]

8. Finish the Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse contest. This is a work in progress. But I definitely don’t want to give up since I have already handed myself over!!

9. Spring fling 2013. I don’t want to add another project, but watching last years entries and sneek peeks made me want to participate this year. Since one of my resolutions is also to stick to my word. I would like to start by sticking to my word fron last year about entering this contest. 😉

10. Finishing other unfinished projects; this includes, but is not limited to (in case I find more along the way!)

– My roombox needs to be finished up, curtians, etc.

– 1:48 scale cozy cottage

– all the random unfinished furniture for the Orchid.

Well there is a nice even number of 10 goals for the year! Now I have this blog and you to keep me motivated!! 🙂 🙂
Be back this weekend with an UUDC update


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