Undersized Urbanite Update: Week 1

I titled this post with a “week 1′ at the end because I am officially going to start doing weekly updates that actually mean something,…and are consistent, and you know, all that jazz. So, with that said, I present to you, my first Weekly Undersized Urbanite update!!

*cricket* *cricket*

Yup. Pretty much it! LOL. Remember in my last update? I had been using the Sims 3 to try to figure out some design ideas. I wasn’t really liking it, although from all of the comments and feedback everyone seemed to be intrigued! I stashed away a lot of nice styrofoam from our new bed, (yes, this is relevant) because there were some decent sized flat pieces I thought would be nice to use as the structure for my original square-like-concrete-modern-urban-whatever-you-want-to-call-it house. Also known as,… this one;

Potenital Undersized Urbanite house.

Potenital Undersized Urbanite house.

But, I really don’t think that house is for me, it doesn’t really fit my vision. When I first heard the name of the contest, I immediately started thinking something like the Brady Bunch house…

That picture isn’t the best example… but you might have an idea of what my idea was, lol. While I was searching one of my favourite eBay seller’s listings, taffy671 (where I purchased my last 1/4″ scale kit by Ani) — I found the PERFECT little house ever…

The perfect house! In 1/4' scale.

The perfect house! In 1/4′ scale.

It’s super, super tiny, but it has exactly that angled roof I was looking for. I love the set back door and side patio. Here are some other views;

The patio.

The patio.



I’m thinking, from left to right. Kitchen, Living room, bedroom, bathroom. OR (because I don’t want the patio coming from the bathroom)…Bedroom, Living room, Kitchen and Laundry? Office? I’m really not sure…..Also, do you see the little skylight?? LOVE!

Except, one thing, did I mention this house is TINY??!

eBay description.

eBay description.

3 1/2″ Deep, 13″ Long and 4-3/16″ at the top peak of roof! Thats uber small! Totally fits the “undersized’ portion of the dollhouse contest name. 🙂 Also, those peices of styrofoam won’t go unused. I measured them and it turns out I will have enough to create myself a great base for landscaping!

Now I just have to sit patiently and wait for it’s arrival. In the mean time, I will be taking inspiration from the contest leader, Christina, and creating a “mood board” for the contest. I had to use a tutorial from one of her friends, Jennifer, who has a wonderful blog, as I have no idea how to make such a wonderful seamless picture of my ideas. I have a feeling though, once I get the hang of it I’m going to like it! 😀

Well, now you know I’m not just lost amongst boxes, avoiding this said contest I have entered myself into (willingly!). I do have something up my sleeve! Sort of!. LOL. At least it fits my “vision”, if you even want to call it that!!

I well be back next Friday with more on the contest, and I’m sure I’ll pop in before then! Hope you are having a relaxing Friday evening and enjoy your weekend with Family!



One comment

  1. LOL at Week 1 – I added Post Number to mine in an attempt to not commit to weekly updates. Some of the time things go well, others they can be disastrous and the puter or interwebs get no love.
    I do however love the new teeny house, but am still daunted by 1:12 eeks at the teeny teen…

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