Still here!

This is one of those posts where I pretend people are sad I haven’t been around and I explain myself. I have been working on getting my post about thrift store finds ready for you, but….

A) For some reason WordPress is acting up when I’ve been inserting my pictures into the post. This is not pleasing for me because I feel like I’ve been waiting too long to share! Gord’s eyes really start glazing over when I talk to him about these things, so it’s important I have somewhere to go all crazy about these types of things.

B) I’ve been soooooo tired! I know I just moved and all that jazz,I can’t even begin to explain the 180ΒΊ flip my sleeping pattern has taken since moving into our condo. I feel like 90% of my insomnia was from living in thay wretched basement. Now that I’m not depressed about that, I think my body is in uber relaxed mode and just wants to sleeeeeeep by 830-9. Which is odd for me as I used to be up until at least 12 am or later (averaging 2:30 am those last few weeks doing thay Halloween scene and such!!)

So. With that sad. I’m heading down to the basement of the condo do some laundry. When I am finished I am hoping I can get that thrift store post figured out and get the pictures up for you! πŸ™‚

Talk soon!



One comment

  1. Your body just needs to catch up on sleep and you’re obviously much more relaxed now that the move is done and all the stress of buying is over. Settle in and settle down πŸ™‚

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