The day is here!!

Well the day has already come and gone, but you all know what I mean! The day has come where we have become homeowners. 😀

We are petty much finished moving at this point. There are still a few boxes and things that need to come here, (my precious dollhouse being one of those things!!), but we’ll slowly do that over the next week. Unpacking has been wonderful! That might sound like sarcasm but I mean it! There is so much more storage space it’s unbelievable. And we still have an empty (quite large) locker downstairs! Less clutter has been doing wonders for my life motivation. LOL. But seriously, it (clutter) can take over your life and make you feel so emotionally and physically drained, never knowing where to start and at the end of it all not being able to do actually do anything, no matter how badly you wany to, because everything seems overwhelming. Or at least that’s how I felt! We had pretty much zero storage space in our last apartment. Maybe enough for a single person? But a family of four? No way. What bothered me the most is when people would comment on how much “stuff” I have or how many toys the children have….when clearly the issue was space, not items we had, because now it seems like we have nothing! (Which is good! That’s what we wanted!) 😀

In doll news….I have nothing to give you. Not even any pictures! I wanted to set up last night to take pictures of the new but toddler had a late night and I was so exhausted when bedtime was finally over, that I watched half of the movie “Wanderlust” with Jennifer Aniston and that funny guy from the movie “I love you man”. (The shorter one with dark hair. Lol, I’m horrible at remembering actors names!). Hopefully tonight we will have a better routine and I can get into my mini world again! I really miss it, and poor Lina is still locked up, pantless, in the coffin….that will be an interesting encounter! :^/

Hope you are enjoying your first week of December! Welcome to all my new followers, thanks for taking the time to stop in even though things have been slow lately! 🙂

Ramble soon!




  1. Welcome home! Congrats on the homeownership!

  2. I’m so happy for you guys! I know it was a stressful journey, but it’s one of those things that you just really appreciate so much more because of it. It will be so nice when the holidays hit and you guys all have room to relax and play 😀

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