Undersized Update

Only 4 days left until we move! Friday at some point, our keys will be waiting for us at the front desk of the realtors office. Saturday is the earliest we can rent the elevator to move everything in…so…technically 5 days, but saying 4 just makes me feel better inside.

I’m starting to go through some serious mini-ing/doll withdrawl. Words cannot even begin to describe! I have so many amazing things that I have acquired lately that I haven’t had a chance to really “play” with or share with you. Before we moved to Gord’s Mums, I had a pretty awesome thrift store score, and then I went last Sunday…and today…LOL. Don’t mind how many times I have gone, you have to go frequently to find the good stuff!! and oh em geeeee do I have some goodies to share!! I am tempted to bust out everything out, but I am still worried about getting odd side glances from Gord or his brother, whom are both in the room with me. There isn’t really any where else suitable…so…  This is not fair!!…


I’ve been working/brainstorming on the undersized urbanite challenge, and I’m still struggling. Again, I’m blaming the fact that I don’t have my own creative space. I have brought out the Sims 3 to start building there, to see if I can make anything that will inspire me and/or translate well into minis. So far this is what I have come up with;


                                                              Front View.

Don’t mind the random lawn chair in the front walk there… 😉

Small, three story house with balconies on each level.

View of the super mod kitchen through the giant front window.

The beginnings of an undersized urbanite mod kitchen

Front foyer and stairs.

Second story living space-ish, with stairs to third story bedroom and bathroom.

Possible rooftop balcony?

I’m not sure that this is the build I’m going to do…but at least I’m “building” something and brainstorming for the challenge!! I’m thankful I have ample years experience using the Sims. I’ve been playing since it was first released, I believe it was around 1999 or 2000? I’ve never been one to really “play” the game so much as I have been one to build and decorate houses over and over again.

When I discovered dollhouses, I thought to myself, “This will be like building in the Sims, but making tangible objects rather than virtual”. And if you have ever looked into how to create your own custom Sims content..meshes, codes, so much that I will never understand…., building dollhouses and crafting seems much more appealing!! I’m glad I have the experience though because without other materials around me, it has given me a chance to get started with the challenge.

I really really hope that I can find the time/space with great lighting/confidence to photograph dolls in front of men tomorrow to be able to share with you my thrift store finds! It’s been so hard not to just run around going “squeeeeeee” and playing with them, but my time for that will come…

Until next time!




  1. I love your virtual design! Good luck on the move and I hope your creative space extends past your computer once you are settled in. 😀

  2. The virtual design looks great! I am not so sure I agree with virtual being more difficult than the real thing though… I did a lot of digital scrapbooking and then tried the real thing, what I was most annoyed about – where on earth is my undo button, when I pull something apart with glue, it’s screwed and well deleting is way less messy LOL

  3. I was a big sims player also,I loved that you could design anything your mind came up with. Its probably what fed my childhood mini obsession.

    I created the sims 2 “Trashed Set” back in 2005 and people were still thanking me for it in 2011*lol* its always been a great home design program.

    Your mini mod pods look awesome!

  4. Great idea! We were recently considering an addition to our real house, so I built it in the Sims to see what would work best for us. In fact, the Hubs has a fancy engineering program that has a home design package. We raced to see who could build our house faster. I won with the Sims and we both liked it better than the engineering software. 🙂

    I really like your design, it would be awesome to see pictures of the real thing!

  5. The concept you have come up with is really outstanding – I love this modern design, with the retro feel to the wallpaper. I’ll be very interested indeed to see how you develop the idea. Sandie

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