Undersized Urbanite Dollhouse Challenge


A Challenge!! I have been saying to Gord for months now that I really wanted to do a Swap or a Challenge or something, anything that would help me to connect with other miniaturists. Not that I really have any time at this point in life, with moving in 8 days…At least there are 6 months to complete the task! Best part? Doesn’t have to be a whole house. It could even be just one room!

The challenge is called Undersized Urbanite. and if it sparks an interest in you, head over to the Little Victorian blog to check out the challenge details/rules here. (There is also a linky button on the right sidebar that will take you to the site! )

I have been sitting….dreaming…trying to figure out what in heavens name I am going to do for this challenge! The word “undersized” I think is throwing me off…Does this mean it has to be small? No. But my OCD say’s building something more than 2 rooms wouldn’t be undersized….

I’m not sure what scale to build in…but I am leaning more towards Quarter inch scale or half inch scale for the purpose of size. I would love to do something 1” scale because I could pay more attention to more tiny detail (and my vision would deteriorate less….) but I am not sure where I would store another finished project in this size in our condo. I have two kits at home. One is a quarter scale house kit I purchased on eBay from this seller. She lists amazing kits that are handmade by a friend of hers and I really appreciate the attention to detail in her kits (around 20 pages of instructions with diagrams! Open-mouthed smile).


Quarter Scale Dollhouse Kit by Ani

BUT this kit is pretty big for something urban? no? ….seems more suburbs. I also have a creatology dollhouse in my stash that could be used…

or not, since again, the style of house is not quite what I have in mind for this project. I will probably just build something from scratch. Which is one of the reasons why I am leaning more towards Quarter scale as well!  Winking smile

A lot of other wonderful blogs are participating, 12 so far (including myself, at least last time I checked the page!). All of that info and more can be found on the Little Victorian page devoted to the challenge! (Just click the link above or the picture on the right sidebar!).

For the next 7 days while I wait until we have to move, again, I’m going to start dreaming up something….so far, I keep thinking, cube like structure, big windows….city living and white. That’s my brainstorm cloud for now…pretty cloudy. LOL. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes, obviously. I’m really hoping that this weekend I will somehow find the time to take pictures of all those “new” thrift store dolls I have acquired. Stay tuned!

Have a great Friday!




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  1. Yay! Thank you so much for joining. I’m so impressed that you’re joining in one week before a move. 🙂 So excited to see what you do!

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