A long overdue update!

I can’t believe how fast the past few weeks have gone by! This makes me less anxious about the 9 days we have ahead of us until we are finally in our own home. Friday the 16th was the last day we had at the apartment, but with Gord working a lot of overtime and weekends, we had a lot more left to move than we would have liked to at the last minute. It would have been finished without too much rushing had he been home just those two Saturday’s before our last day. It got to the point where I was just throwing stuff into boxes, which is not what I wanted, obviously, but it had to happen!

I’ve felt pretty lost the past few days/nights that we have been staying with Gord’s Mum. We have all of our necessities in two rooms that are no more than 11’ x 10’. Cramped for four of us! Thankfully there was some free room downstairs and I was able to bring a small tower of crafting supplies, and of course, my dolls – felt too weird locking them up in storage! Even though they are all sitting in a box here….but at least they are close.

In my “crafting drawers” I brought landscaping supplies and bits and pieces that could help me to finish off the quarter scale cottage. But I haven’t been feeling too motivated to get that out. I also brought my thread and some stitching. I have a book I got out of the library – Donna _______ 555 cross stiching motifs. All of the patterns were made to be stitced on 14 ct canvas, so they are translating nicely to the 28 ct canvas I have for mini’s. I started a reindeer, thinking that I might make a Christmas scene, but I’ve quickly lost interest. I also brought along my knitting, which has so far been the only thing I’ve put more than 20 minutes of effort into. I suppose its simple enough that I don’t have to drag out too many supplies and then worry about what space I will use to actually “create” in. So far, I have been taking over my BIL’s room as he play’s the new Call Of Duty Black Ops game. It’s been awkward. Not exactly the type of environment you feel great pulling out your dolls in? Zombies? Guns? lol. It’s quite a shift from the usual quiet I am accustomed to at my kitchen table while the whole house sleeps. I think this is partly why I am lacking any creativity lately. I’m not only lacking inspiration, but I am also lacking a comfortable creative space.

I’m sure I will survive, but it has been difficult. Especially since I am so used to winding down by creating. I just feel lost, and kind of useless, when I don’t go to bed knowing that I made something.

I want to be able to make something while I am here though! I need something to work towards to keep my mind of the time that is dragging on between now and getting the keys! Maybe this would be the best time to try again at those knitting patterns I have….

I also have a few more dolls that I picked up at the thrift store recently, but I have been having a hard time deciding where is going to be the least awkward for me to photograph them without being having my sanity questioned, while also having nice lighting. I can’t wait to share them though! They are all great scores! As always of course.

I’m not sure what else to say! I feel so BORING lately, and I’m surprised that I even still have traffic stopping in! LOL

I promise, in at least 9 days, if not sooner, I will be back to rambling, for those of you who have missed it. In the meantime, if you are a new visitor, either from the Monday Link Party at Mini Jazzi’s or from my award nomination on Conny’s blog….WELCOME! and don’t forget to subscribe on the top right navigation bar! (There are two options, RSS feed and e-mail) This way you will be notified once my craziness get’s going again!

Talk soon everyone, hope you are enjoying your week!



  1. Hang in there, Beck. You WILL make it!! Stick to the knitting for 9 days of therapy, and mentally send your beloved dolls on a virtual vacation. They’ll be tired and confused from all the packing and moving, so probably also would enjoy a little escape to somewhere nice, wherever you send them. Heaps of Hugs, Grandma D. aka Traveling Gran.

  2. Hello I’m a newbie follower – and I’m here because you signed up for Undersized Urbanite, so Hi, new to minis and looking forward to the fun!

  3. Rebecca, I really sympathize with your situation – it is so hard not to have your own creative space and some quiet in which to work! Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog, I am happy to become one of yours too and look forward to seeing your progress once you get settled in your own home – or to seeing your new acquisitions if you are able to photograph them. Sandie

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