Liebster Award!

Happy Monday!

I was happy to wake up yesterday morning to see that I had been nominated by the wonderful Conny at It’s a Mini Life for the Liebster award! I feel honoured that Conny had me in mind when thinking of nominations.

Now I must also pass along the award to 5 other blogs who have under 200 followers!

I have nominated the following wonderful blogs;

Monique at Fabulously Small

Her work is wonderfully made and so detailed – check out this little soap bottle she recently made!! She also has lots of tips and tutorials. How she only has 100 followers is beyond me!!

Corine at Corine’s Minis

She is currently working on a wonderful Christmas project that is getting me itching to create another themed project!

Meagan at Large and in Charge

She was one of the unfortunate people who slaved away for a dollhouse challenge that ended up being ignored by the leader (You can see everyone’s efforts complied on here at Modern Mini Houses!). Her dollhouse for the (giant fail) challenge is STUNNING, you must stop in to see. She also recently introduced a new challenge you might want to partake in! (I know I do!!)

Jane at MiniFanaticus

Jane is always making lots of great handmade miniatures. She just recently switched her blog and only has 8 followers but deserves more for sure!!

Mad for Mod at Mini Mod Pod

If you like modern miniatures (my personal favourite!) then you will love everything you see over there! I personally love her Atomic Bungalow!

Well there you have it! Paying the love forward! I appreciate “awards” like this, as it helps all of us crazy mini lovers network our blogs to keep up with each others works and gather inspiration. Smile

Hope you are having a great Tuesday!



  1. Wow! Totally flattered! Thank you!
    I don’t know how I haven’t found you yet, it seems the modern mini community is bigger than I thought 🙂 Guess I better catch up on my reading!!

  2. I’ve been meaning to let you know that I’m very flattered too.. 🙂 so thank you Rebecca!

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