1:12 scale “Planning travels” scene

Here is my secret project!!

1:12 scale “Planning Travels” table scene.

1:12 scale “Planning Travels” table scene.

This is a 1:12 scale scene all handmade by me, which I have called “Planning Travels”. It was made for my Grandparents who read this blog, and as much as I wanted to document the process, or more like, beg for feedback and help, I couldn’t because I obviously wanted it to be a surprise!! My inspiration for everything came from my Grandparents themselves who are avid travellers. My whole life, I always remember them departing or returning from some magnificant far away place. I’m 100% sure that my avid interest in worldwide cultures came from them, their stories, and little trinket gifts. 🙂

Here is a closer look at some of the details;

Stool. Handmade with popscile sticks and dowels. The cushion is from a pillowcase that I thrifted for $.99 — Pillowcases are great for Mini fabrics!!

I wish I had painted it white, but I painted before I decided on fabric, and I ran out of time to change it! But this will forever be something I think about.

Europe travel brochure.

To make the miniature travel brochures, I searched the internet for printable pdf brochures. Knowing that the travel industry is huge, I figured this would be easy, and it was! Using the pdf files is one of my favourite ways to make miniature printables! Remembering from my University days that with pdf files, you have the option to print more than one page, I used this to my miniature advantage. I’d really like to do a separate post about this to share, hopefully in the chaos of moving I can do this!

Insides of the brochures are open. There is a road map of Germany as well as a German-English dictionary, and a German subway map.

I left most of the maps with the ability to fold open. 🙂

I guess I assumed after the trip through Zagreb to Venice the traveller could drive up to Germany, stopping in Paris along the way? There are subway maps for both Germany and Paris. (the pictures are a little blurry, but this is all I snapped before I handed it off to the new owners!)

This travel brochure is open to a page showing some of beautiful Rome. There is another Europe road map.

French-English dictionary for the Paris-Germany train trip. After traveling from Zagreb, Croatia to Venice Italy, and running down to Rome quickly for a day or two. 🙂 Passports and boarding passes are in the top corner.

You can somewhat see here that I have included a packing list and itinerary. My Grandmother makes wonderfully detailed itineraries!

The planning mess.

What a mess! The best way to make a mini scene! 🙂

There were some other things that I made but couldn’t fit on the table, so i printed a miniature file storage box from Jim’s Printable Mini’s and put the randoms in there. I included the box (not glued because it wouldn’t fit!!) with everything in it for some more mini travel treats;

Other travel brochures; Mexico, South Africa and Hawaii.


Some Paris hotel brochures that didn’t turn out too well.

So there you go! I finished something else! This one only took me 3 solid nights of work. Since most of it is printed it went really fast. I am again super motivated to get something mini finished! I love the feeling of looking at something I made. Except right now I don’t really have the time! If I do make time for mini’s, I’m hoping to get a little work finished on the Orchid before it needs to go into storage. I don’t want to bring it out and be overwhelmed by mess/work. 😦

Hope you enjoyed my latest project as much as I did!

See you soon!




  1. This lovingly made miniature is a real treasure, which encourages us to leap into planning another trip! Experiencing other cultures, meeting their friendly people, seeing nature’s beauty and monuments created over the years by man, bring joy to our hearts. And then there’s the pleasure of returning home to friends and family. Beck & Gord and their two giggly charmers are a big part of our happy lives. Thank you so much Beck.

    Love you all.
    Grandma D. & Gramps.

  2. Hello Rebecca!
    What a treasured memento this is for your grandma and grandpa. So glad they loved it. I love the color of the table and the little stool.
    Great job!!
    I can not wait until you do the posting on miniaturizing the PDF’s. I have been wanting to do that. So glad that someone will be telling us how to do it.
    hugs, hugs, hugs,

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