And then my phone broke….

Well….R.I.P Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc (my phone). Not typically a life threatening situation for me, although I do feel a little odd because we don’t have a house phone (but there are elderly people home all day above me whose phone I could use if, God forbid, there were an emergency.)

It didn’t take long for me to locate and charge my old blackberry…so at least I have contact with the outside world (with a very crunchy sounding keyboard, especially after over a year of touch screen, lol). The sad part about this…is that my phone was my camera. When I bought it, I originally went to the store wanting an iPhone because my blackberry had broken (whch it actually hadn’t, I found that out of course after spending 450 of course!!!), but in the end I went with the Sony phone because it had an 8 MP camera, and my Sony Cybershot camera was only 7.2 MP. Sounded great to me! I handed over the old camera to my budding toddler photographer, never thinking a day might soon come where I would be depending on it to not have sticky fingerprints on the lens… sigh ‘Tis ok.. I will figure out something. But I really don’t have extra money right now! So unless I can get an upgrade or something at Rogers, I am stuck blackberry-ing it up. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Not sure what this means for my mini’s or the blog! I could use Gord’s iPhone, I’m not a fan of the picture quality, but its better than blackberry and as we all know, beggar’s can’t be choosers!! Or Nia’s camera I’m sure will do just fine..once I find lens cleaner!!!

Keep in mind, not only is the lack of camera impeding blogging, but I’m also trying to pack to move!! We have until Nov 16th here, which is a Friday, between now and then we only have two weekends to move stuff into a rental storage unit. I can’t really include weekdays as days for actual “moving” only packing, because a) we only have on vehicle and b) even if I had a car, I’d be useless trying to move boxes to a storage unit with two children O_o. With that said, we have 4 days to move. LOL. I’m not terrified or anything…

I’ve just been trying to get this packing thing over with! Its hard to do because I hate the feeling when you pack something up — and then need to use it within the next . I’m picking here and there, packing closets, under the bathroom sinks..those places no one really goes for daily use things, but still seem to be full…you know the ones. Lol.

I am anxiously awaiting word about our moving situation. Right now everything is up in the air, and I’m not going to lie, I feel sometimes like I’m being shuffled around by the mortgage broker, and sometimes realtor…mostly the broker though. He treats me like I’m 16 and uneducated. He’s sadly mistaken too if that is the case!! I wouldn’t have even used him if it wasn’t my first home and I had a few more hours in the day to do research (more than I already have!!!). But, whatever, nothing can be done now!

Last time I spoke with him (Friday) he said he would be in touch with me by Tuesday, the latest. Now last night Realtor said that it could be as late as Wednesday! Barrrrhhhah ( <——– my frustrated sound, by the way. ) I just want to know what’s going on! Although everyone (always) says it’s “looking good!”. I’d love to go into more details…buying a first home is overwhelming and a story I would like to share, but it’s a lengthy conversation, not something I’ll incorporate into my blog, but I will always love to (over) share my experiences with anyone interested, or curious. Just contact me through e-mail at the top of the right navigation bar. ๐Ÿ™‚

With that said, I’m off to clean and pack and clean and pack….and clean….. (Gosh I can’t wait to just play with my babies all day again!!!). I’m going to try to get a post up about my secret project tomorrow or maybe tonight! After that, until I get my camera situation figured out, my posts might be gasp pictureless, that’s blasphemy in the miniature blogging world!!

Stay safe from the hurricanes!

Be back soon!



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