What to pack..

In the mini world of course. I know what I want/need to pack to live for the three week stay at MILs, I am struggling to pack the crafts the most!

Gord said I should bring my clay since it’s (pretty much the only thing that’s) organized into stackable boxes. He also says that this will benefit me because I can (apparently) make anything with clay — I had to remind him that yes this is possible, but I’m not exactly artisan material when it comes to sculpting. And I usually only use clay when need/want something that I can’t find anything suitable to make from my stashed articles. I definitely want to bring my clay, of course…but I can’t just only bring that.. O_o

I definitely want to bring UFOs and get them finished! Like the quarter scale cozy cottage. I think I will bring this as my main project..small enough (6×6″ base, 11″-ish high) to keep in my lap (since I won’t have a full table this is important — I might get a TV table, but nothing more).

I’ve also been thinking this might be a great opportunity to give all the Barbies the attention they deserve. My MIL has boxes of clothes awaiting my arrival, and other than that, I will only need a hair iron, small paint brushes and paint (which I will already be bringing with me for the quarter scale project). With those limited supplies I should be able to bring some to life during the two week “down time” (where we will have moved from one place and be waiting for the next).

I will also bring some cross stitch canvas and needles, because I like to stitch to keep my hands busy while I’m watching TV with the kids, driving grocery shopping, etc. (although I haven’t done any stitching lately! Nothing since blackwork. I’ve been too busy packing!)

Well with that said, I think I can finally get to packing that area! I have a feeling it might get more overwhelming than I am already imagining. I am a craft hoarder so it’s always hard for me to downsize, and with every move there is also this strong inner want to start fresh. I have quite a battle within. *sigh* First World problems right there — having troubles downsizing…

Anyhoo. I’m going to hit the boxes. I’ll be back soon to show you that secret project I have been working on! 🙂

Have a great evening! 🙂



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